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Military: Behind the lens of a photographer in Afghanistan (Slideshow)

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Military: MILBABE

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: I Quite Agree, Your Honour

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
Here is part of a report of a tragic case concerning the death of two cyclists.

I can only agree with the Judge's comment about the Victim Surcharge.

Fire: Exciting opportunity for unemployed young people in Sunderland

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
Young people aged 16 to 25, who are unemployed and living in the Farringdon area of Sunderland, could learn new skills to help them get a job by signing up to the Prince's Trust Team course run by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service. The course, which has been running in Tyne and Wear for 13 years, gives up to 15 young people the opportunity to meet other people, try out new skills, get a taste of the workplace and plan for the future - all in a specially designed 12-week course, starting on 15 September. Activities include team-building at a residential centre, a community fundraising project, a work placement, CV writing skills, interview technique training and a team challenge involving helping others in the local community. Alan D'Arcy, Team Leader at the Princes Trust says: “The Princes Trust programme provides young people in Sunderland with vital skills to equip them for the future. It challenges themselves to try new things whilst getting a qualification at the...

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Military: WAR

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Three letters
As young soldiers
Modern day Gladiators
We coveted
These three letters
Watching Vietnam War films
Clutching a tin of lager
We blurred the cinematic bloodshed
WAR……Its here
Hip Hip Hooray
Willingly we went
More green grist to the mill
Crack open another tinny
We are f**** Supermen

© Tony McNally

My latest poem showing how Naive we were as young soldiers.

Police: Former conductor jailed for sexually assaulting music pupil

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A music conductor who indecently assaulted one of his former pupils has been sentenced.

Nicholas Smith (01/01/1948), of Malestroit, France admitted one count of indecent assault at an earlier hearing.

At Manchester Crown Court today, Monday 1 September 2014, he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

The charge relates to the indecent assault of a teenage girl between 4 May 1976 and 3 June 1978, when she was under 16.

The girl, a former pupil at Chetham’s School of Music was a member of the Chamber Orchestra, of which Smith was the conductor.

When she was 14 or 15 she went to stay with Smith and his wife at a family cottage in Derbyshire.

During her stay he indecently assaulted her.

Detective Chief Inspector Jamie Daniels, said: “Following the publicity surrounding the conviction of Michael Brewer, this woman found the courage to report what had happened to her and today she has seen justice finally served after close to three decades.

“I can also understand why people have...

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Police: Christmas trees being offered as investment

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

Investments in Christmas trees have previously been unheard of but the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has received reports that suggest Christmas trees are being offered as a commodity for investment.

Whilst we cannot comment on viability of investment in Christmas trees, it is our concern due to this being promoted by applying same tactics that we have seen in investment fraud; cold calling, high pressure sales, promise of high returns etc.

Follow our advice to avoid falling victim to investment fraud

  • If you get a call out of the blue, be wary; if in doubt don’t be polite, just hang up.
  • If you’re considering any type of investment, always remember: if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. High returns can only be achieved with high risk.
  • Never be rushed into an offer and always be on your guard against anyone trying to push you into a deal.  
  • Take the time to seek independent legal or financial advice before making a decision.
  • Always check the credentials of the company you’re...

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Police: Three masked men robbed a bakery in Prestwich

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Police are appealing for witnesses after three masked men robbed a bakery in Prestwich. 

The thieves targeted the Pound Bakery on Poppythorn Lane, in the Longfield Centre, at about 5.25pm on Thursday 21 August 2014. 

They approached the bakery, which had closed for the day and, as one of the female members of staff was leaving, they forced their way inside. 

The men then threatened the two female staff members with violence and demanded money. Fearing they would be attacked, the women gave the men some cash and the thieves fled. 

The men are described as white, in their 20s and they spoke with local accents. They were wearing high-viz vests, balaclavas and ski masks. 

Detective Constable Martin Brown of Bury division said: “The men waited until the shop had closed and preyed on the vulnerability of the two female members of staff, who are understandably very shaken by what happened. 

“We’re urging anyone who may have seen three of men matching the descriptions or acting suspiciously in the area to contact police immediately.” 

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 8223 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. 

Fire: MP: Government must review fire control centre decision

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

Tim Farron MP has called upon the government to begin an independent review of the regional fire control system for the North West, after the emergency fire control centre for the entire North West of England ordered firefighters from Carlisle to respond to an incident in Lancashire, a 200 mile round trip away.

North West Fire Control Centre in Warrington recently replaced a system of local control centres and now handles 999 calls for Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria.

The MP for Westmoreland and Lonsdale, said: “This project has been called a ‘white elephant’ and it really is.

“How can we expect someone in Warrington to know the difference between Staveley-in-Westmoreland and Staveley-in-Cartmel when someone calls in distress?

“I hope that Eric Pickles will urgently look at this new evidence and agree to a review of the situation.”

The Fire Brigades Union, which has campaigned against the closures of five fire control centres in the North West, said public...

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Police: Knives flood in after amnesty launched

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Swords, machetes and commando knives are among the weapons which have been handed in after Lancashire Constabulary launched its knife amnesty.

In the first week of the amnesty, a total of 145 knives have been dropped into the designated amnesty bins across Lancashire.

And Detective Inspector Warren Atkinson said many of the knives handed in were capable of doing “serious damage”.

He said: “The number and type of knives which have been handed in since we launched the amnesty last week justifies why we have taken the decision to do it.

“A significant number of weapons which are capable of doing serious damage – including World War One knives and homemade blades – have been handed in to the bins. It’s frightening to think what could have happened if these knives had remained on Lancashire’s streets.

“I would like to thank everyone who has handed over a knife so far – and continue to appeal to anyone who is in possession of an illegal blade, or knows someone who is, to consider...

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