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Police: Romance Fraud: My shocking discovery

Written by RSS Poster Crimestoppers

PART TWO: Romance fraud victim, Firefly, talks about the shocking discovery she made about the man she thought she could trust. If you missed Part One, read it here.

Romance fraudsters target their victims online

Romance fraudsters target their victims online

She said: I started to get suspicious when the demand for money increased – I was asked to transfer £30,000 because the boy had cholera and needed treatment.

I said no but he kept pushing. After that he tried different tactics – coming up with lies about giving him money to help free up some inheritance and things like that.

One day I decided to do some investigating so I cut and pasted the first email I had received from my scammer and put it into Google. It turned up all over the internet with warnings about scams.

I was shocked – a message I had thought was personal, just for me, had been used on countless other victims.

I blamed myself

The first instinct was to blame myself and after that I began doubting my own judgement. I believed I was a smart person, I never imagined I would be fooled...

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Ambulance: David Cameron's 7 day services 'on the cheap' will cost lives

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
The government are on the run, the NHS is struggling and they are being exposed as dishonest and incompetent on multiple fronts. The government recently breached the 18 week target for the first time ever and NHS satisfaction ratings are dropping rather rapidly. A great example of their overt incompetence and dishonesty is the fact that contract reform is 7 day expansion of services on

Police: The Disappearing Reappearing Cop

Written by RSS Poster PC Bloggs - a Twenty-first Century Police Officer

I haven't blogged for a while.  There are a number of reasons, but I am still here, sort of.
I've been spending some time this week reading back through my blog in the early days, trying to figure out why I stopped writing it.  To my amazement I started the blog nearly TEN YEARS AGO!
It's clear from my early posts that there was a lot of fun to be had at the government's expense.  The Labour government was a delightful source of entertainment for this police blogger, from its wonderful ideas on legalising parenting, to its devil-may-care attitude to spending on operations like Overt and Safeguard, to the all-encompassing Home Office Counting Rules.
Things changed in 2010.  The Coalition (or let's call it the Conservative) Government, added a sinister dimension to what had been, up until then, playful tinkering with the police.  Of course, I had not thought of it as playful, but it seems it in retrospect.  Oh, how I came to long for the days when Tony McNulty would exhort the public to...

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Military: Gurkhas Prepare For Afghan Deployment

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Gurkhas from 2nd Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles are deploying to Kabul, Afghanistan as part of the UK’s enduring support to the Afghan Government.

Their mission is to protect NATO military and civilian advisers working in government ministries, as well as UK advisers based at the Afghan National Army Officers’ Academy. Read more  Here  

Military: MILBABE

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: Thinking of the Future

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

I’m really conscious that there will come a point where the focus on policing and mental health will wane – my view would be, it has already peaked and we need to capitalize on the time we have until the sun sets. During that period, the College of Policing will publish its national guidelines and  training, forces will have the chance to do something with them and by the time we get to the end of 2017/18, attention will begin to focus on other issues, both within policing and without.

I’m not sure we’ll have sorted the relevant issues by then: but we’ll have found some ways to make them seem less outrageous and attention will begin to fade as other priorities take hold. Within the policing, the view may be we now have national guidelines and training, we’ve reflected on the former in local policing and we’ve delivered the latter, so surely that will do? Some police officers think (or hope?!) mental health is something we can ‘sort’ as a project and then move on to real policing. If Lord ADEBOWALE’s...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Military: MILBABE

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: Losing the Plot

Written by RSS Poster policecommander

There’s a danger that I’m going to start repeating myself…

But, I wonder whether some of us have started to lose sight of what policing is – what it is that we’re here to do; what it is that we stand for…


The job of a police officer isn’t to count things; it’s to save lives.

The job of a police officer isn’t to fill out spreadsheets; it’s to find the lost.

The job of a police officer isn’t to do what’s convenient or expedient; it’s to confront the violent and pursue the dangerous.

The job of a police officer isn’t to run round in circles in response to the latest headline; it’s to follow the evidence, without fear or favour.

The job of a police officer isn’t to satisfy the whims of the uninformed; it’s to protect the vulnerable and comfort the mourning.

The job of a police officer isn’t to walk on by… Sometimes, the job of a police officer is to risk it all.

The fact that we don’t always get those things right (and, let’s be honest, sometimes we get them spectacularly wrong)...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
By now most readers will probably be aware of the government`s decision for another wholesale closure of magistrates` courts.  This was perfectly predictable.  This Chancellor who controls ministry budgets has shown for some time that he picks off these targets easiest to hit an example being the infamous "pasty tax" in 2013 which was hurriedly withdrawn.  The principle underlying the bedroom tax might have some cogent arguments in its favour but its implementation took no prisoners and has led to much ill will from some natural Tory supporters. The scandals of those whose disability allowance has been arbitrarily reduced or withdrawn have played eagerly into the hands of the Opposition.  But the closure of courts is a different matter.  Most people have not had any contact with the legal system.  The arguments against closure especially for those courts in rural districts are unchanged.  The facile statement that 97% of court attenders will be able to reach their nearest court within one hour`s travel by car is just...

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