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Police: Loops Or No Loops?

Written by RSS Poster Justice and Chaos

I’ve been off-grid for a while, so let’s launch into the British summer with a light piece of typical Met management buffoonery. Okay, I know we’re still in late spring here in the UK, but I’m wearing my shorts, so that makes it summer, okay?

In addition to handcuffs, cops also use leg restraints.


These are wide Velcro straps that wrap around a perp’s ankles and thighs, binding the legs tightly together. They prevent the prisoner from kicking us when he is going bananas, which often happens. They make threats towards us, then generally thrash around.



This can be an entertaining spectacle, but is potentially dangerous for both them and for us.

Against this poor behaviour we have leg restraints – a useful piece of kit that enables us to carry the person safely, without anybody getting hurt. The package normally includes two straps – one for the thighs and one for the ankles, and can be stored in a car’s glove-box.

For effective working, we do need one set...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Down to earth now from the surrealistic event that many holidays are especially those with funny money and unbearably hot temperatures.  Flying over the same area on the very morning when  another plane was blown out of the sky was not at all comfortable.  This blog by its very purpose has touched on political points only when matters of the application of justice and associated considerations have been applicable. This morning after the holiday nights before, I had intended focussing on the school attendance appeal at the high court; a topic on which I assume every J.P. in the country has had experience.  But that was until I read of the E.U. by way of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker`s decision to invoke the rule of law mechanism to override the decision of a nation`s parliament.  There will be those who comment that extreme right wing parliamentary decisions have no place in any E.U. country.  But wasn`t the whole European concept to ensure that cataclysmic right wing...

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Police: Major Child Abuse Investigation Launched in Alum Rock

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice – UK Crime News

Home » Can You Identify

Major Child Abuse Investigation Launched in Alum Rock

May 25, 2016, 12:36 pm

Detectives from West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit (PPU) have charged a man from the Alum Rock area of Birmingham with making indecent images of children.

Brian Topliss is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on 25 May.

The 72-year-old was arrested on Monday morning and a full-scale search of his Maitland Road home has been underway over the last 48 hours. It follows recent information received by police.

View full article on Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Various pieces of computer equipment have been seized from the address and these are currently in the process of being examined by forensic experts.

Following early analysis of these devices, officers are now carrying out house-to-house enquiries in and around the Maitland Road area and speaking to members of the local community.

Detective Chief Inspector Dawn Miskella, from the...

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Police: Arrests Following Raids in Bexley

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice – UK Crime News

Home » The South » London » Metropolitan Police Service

Arrests Following Raids in Bexley

May 25, 2016, 10:23 am

Seven men and two women have been arrested as a result of a major operation to crack down on drug dealing in Thamesmead.

Acting on concerns raised by the community, officers from the Territorial Support Group (TSG), Bexley Police and the Thamesmead East and Lesnes Abbey Safer Neighbourhood Teams carried out a series of dawn raids, with warrants executed at 11 addresses in Thamesmead and one address in Ealing.

The suspects, aged between 18 and 56, were arrested on suspicion of a range of offences, predominantly the supply of class A and class B drugs. They remain in custody at a south London police station.

View full article on Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Around a kilo of class A drugs, two large carrier bags of cannabis, a variety of weapons and more than £30,000 cash has been recovered so far.

Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe, Borough Commander for...

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Police: Former GMP officer Kevin Dwyer Appears in Court charged with indecent exposure

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice – UK Crime News

Home » News

Former GMP officer Kevin Dwyer Appears in Court charged with indecent exposure

May 25, 2016, 9:59 am

Disgraced Former GMP officer Kevin Dwyer appears at Chester Crown Court from UK News Video on Vimeo.

The trial of disgraced former Greater Manchester Manchester Police officer Kevin Dwyer 41 has started at Chester Crown court.

A Jury heard from prosecutor Anna Pope that the the victim who can not be named for legal reasons had made an allegation that after a night out in July of of last year she was walking home in Chester when she saw the defendant drive past her ” really slowly” a number of times eventually stopping on Francis Road.

View full article on Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

The victim told the court that she confronted the defendant and said ” Clearly the man was acting suspiciously and being the person I am, I acted on it” during her conversation she noticed that he was performing a sex act on...

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Fire: MF&RS and Wirral Council to host free community garden party

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
MF&RS and Wirral Council host free community garden party

Police: Don’t install “WhatsApp Gold”- it contains malware

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

WhatsApp users are being tricked by fraudsters into downloading a fake version of WhatsApp which infects Android devices with malware.

The "secret" messages sent to peoples inboxes claim you have an exclusive chance to download “WhatsApp Gold”. 

The scam messages claim to offer enhanced features used by celebrities. Victims are urged to sign up via a link provided.

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to a fake page and your Android device will become infected with malware. 

If you have already followed the link to download the software, install some antivirus software onto your device to remove the malware. Sophos, AVG and Avast all offer this for free. 

Mobile malware protection advice

  • Always make sure you have the latest version of software and antivirus installed for increased protection.
  • Be careful when downloading new apps as rogue ones can appear in legitimate app stores as well as unofficial online stores.
  • Always check reviews and ratings as well as...

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Police: People In Glass Houses

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

Thank you @Boscorelli55 for providing me with the title made life a little easier.

Apparently our old friends at Reform Think Tank are of the opinion that the Fire and Rescue Service is out of kilter ethnicity and gender-wise and does not reflect the public it serves,

I took a look at Reform Think Tank’s “People”

What is missing here?

Last Modified 24th May, 2016, 2:11 PM

Fire: Housing providers urged to 'think sprinkler'

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
Fire officers, local authorities, housing providers and industry experts are coming together for an event to promote the life-saving benefits of domestic fire sprinklers on Wednesday, 25 May. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) is hosting the 'Think Sprinkler' event at its headquarters in Washington, in partnership with the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association. (BAFSA) TWFRS will also launch its own guide to fire sprinklers at the event. Called Sprinklers in the Home, it is aimed at increasing awareness of the benefits of installing fire sprinklers in domestic properties, particularly where the occupier is more vulnerable in the event of a fire. Since TWFRS launched its Domestic Sprinkler Partnership in 2012, more than 1,200 homes across Tyne and Wear have had or are due to have sprinklers fitted. The service is calling on local authorities and housing providers to do more to increase these numbers. Assistant Chief Fire Officer John Baines, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue...

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Police: Tory PCC Expenses & #FOI Raise Their Ugly Heads Again

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

Has anybody here seen Julia Mulligan since the PCC Elections?  She seems to have gone walkabout, or at least her office has in FOIWorld.

31st March, I posed a simple question (or at least I thought it was)

Dear North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner,

I notice from the Commissioner’s published expenses an entry on 13th June 2013, this is for Invoice Number SI10384, payable to the Association of Chief Police Officers, for PCCs Fees and Subscriptions, for an amount of £10,695.34 with a description of ACPO fees.

Could you please tell me;

a) To whom do these fees refer?

b) Could you please provide me with electronic copies of the invoice and any other documentation referring to this item of expenditure?

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Not an unreasonable question I thought, shouldn’t take too long to answer that one.  It was particularly relevant in the run-up to the Election because Ms Mulligan was being particularly transparent and bringing her Expenses and Allowances data on...

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