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Police: Anyone For A Class Action?

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

I saw a very welcome headline yesterday;

Police force threatens to sue Theresa May over funding plans

“What a fantastic idea” I thought.

The article, if true, gives an intriguing insight into the inequality of Cuts and Funding by Central Government. The Met seems set to suffer an unbelievable level of cuts (up to 43%) while some rural Forces seem set to receive an increase in funding. If the Met were truly to suffer a 43% cutback in funding next year I really can’t work out in what shape it might survive, if at all.

Following on from the theme of yesterday’s post, what a fantastic opportunity.  If all of the other Police a Forces in England and Wales joined together with West Midlands Pilice and launched a Class Action against the Home Secretary she would be forced to justify her policy in the Courts. Who knows, she might even pick up a second conviction for Contempt of Court, two would definitely be a first and put her in a class of her own.

Sadly, I can’t realistically expect the Tory PCCs to support the idea, but it’s certainly one that appeals to me.

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Military: MILBABE

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: Busy, Busy, Busy

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
I was in court yesterday, and rued the ending of the school holidays, as my journey to court took half an hour longer than it did last month.

Our courtroom was very busy, and our clerk told us that there were already nineteen people in the cells, probably with more to come. Of course most of these people needed to see their solicitor (often the duty one), so it was almost eleven o'clock before we made a start on their cases.. Just to give you an idea of what we had to deal with, I made a note of our list, before the late entries and extras were added:-

Person banned from local transport hub - back again
Male exposing genitals on a crowded train (children present) Goes on to ask woman in next seat if she does head jobs,
Common Assault
Assault PC x 2, racially aggravated S4 Public Order Act, Possession of Class A drug
Breach Restraining Order x 2
Class B possession, obstruct drug search.
Handling stolen goods
Section 18 GBH with Intent x2 (indictable only) (had to watch nasty CCTV of man on floor being kicked on the head)
Conspiracy to...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
It seems to this blogger that the more active an organisation`s press office appears to be the more it has to hide.  One could say that media exposure is inversely proportional to organisational probity. With the MOJ that was obvious to all who took an interest.  It seems that the Met Police press office is not far behind its MOJ comrades in following their maxim of the more we say the less we reveal.  However like a habit forming junkie the more that maxim is followed the less its effect.  

Earlier this year Scotland Yard appealed once more for possible witnesses to the Dolphin Square paedophile ring to come forward on the basis that the evidence of "Nick"  a supposed victim was credible.  Not everyone agrees.   Now another sensational report has been put about, altogether less successfully, that a serial killer might have been responsible for killing twenty four people by pushing them under tube trains.  The current Met Commissioner is arguably the most skilled operator in...

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Fire: FBU member receives £108,000 in compensation after accident on duty

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

A firefighter from Louth, Lincolnshire has received £108,000 in compensation after an accident at work left him with a permanent shoulder injury.

At the time of the accident, the firefighter was part of a team responding to a call where a lorry that was transporting pigs had turned over. Firefighters were instructed by their station manager to move the dead pigs out of the back of the lorry to allow access to the animals that were trapped but still alive.

The lorry was lying on a slope, which meant two of the firefighters had to climb up the incline to access the back of the vehicle. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) member was standing at the top of the slope while his colleague was standing inside of the lorry.

The men were able to move some of the animals by lifting them over the lip in the back door of the lorry, but they were heavy and difficult to grip. When lifting one of the pigs out of the doorway the FBU member slipped on the embankment and fell backwards, landing on...

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Fire: Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service offering businesses ‘simple’ safety messages

Written by RSS Poster Norfolk Fire Service

Now is the time to think about fire safety in your organisation

That’s the message from Norfolk County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service as they gear up for UK Business Safety Week (13 – 17 September).

The Service will offer local businesses ‘simple’ safety messages to share with their staff during the week which is taking place at a time when many businesses will be recruiting additional members of seasonal staff in the run up to Christmas.

The new recruits might not have the same level of fire safety awareness as permanent members of staff, and may not be aware of the steps needed to protect themselves, their customers and colleagues. It is also a good opportunity to remind existing staff of the importance of fire safety.

Richard Herrell, Head of Community Fire Protection at Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, said: “I would encourage all businesses to ensure their staff are fully aware of potential fire risks and hazards, and know what to...

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Police: Stating The Bleeding Obvious

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

Its what I do, I’m good at that.  Now it seems that it’s catching on and others have jumped on my bandwagon.

Not long ago I wrote a post pointing out the Bleeding Obvious that our beloved government don’t give a stuffed fig about Public Safety.

Now the situation has hot worse and impending cuts of between 22,000. and 40,000 have provoked certain members of the Press and some senior Police Officers to wake up to the impact that will have on Public Safety.  A tad late but a welcome addition to the debate nevertheless.

Cuts of 22,000 would take the strength of Policing in England and Wales down to approx 100,000, the lowest for 40 years.

A cut of 40,000 would take the strength down to the 80,000 that I pointed out some time ago seems to be a target figure for the a Home Office.  In that case, these cuts would have NOTHING to do with Austerity, Efficiency Savings etc but EVERYTHING to do with Camoron’s Reforms Package.

2-3 months ago, no less an authority than the National Audit Office announced that the Home...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

A Guardian contributer, Richard Seymour, has sparked outrage today after dismissing a British war hero’s comments on the Falklands Islands, in which he attacked Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn for planning to “surrender” to Argentine demands. Seymour slammed war veteran Simon Weston on Facebook, claiming, “If he knew anything, he’s still have his face”. Weston was horrifically burned in the Argentine attack on the RFA Sir Galahad in 1982.

Seymour, who is the author of the Lenin’s Tomb blog was responding to the article published by the Telegraph, posted by a Facebook friend of his. In the article, Weston noted of Mr Corbyn’s plans: “It is a repugnant idea. I don’t see why it should happen given that the Argentines never had the islands. They have no right to them.

“It could cause civil war again by emboldening the Argentinians. It frightens me enormously because he claims to be such a supporter of democratic freedoms...

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Military: RED FRIDAY

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

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