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Police: Let’s call time on French‑bashing

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

There is no truth to the story about a law banning work emails after 6pm, but that didn’t stop media hysteria.

The French are angry. Usually, they ignore what the perfidious British write about them. This time they are very angry. According to an absurd story going viral on the internet, French office workers have been given a legal right to ignore work emails and phone calls after 6pm.

Clock off: France has had a 35‑hour working week since 1999

Clock off: France has had a 35‑hour working week since 1999

There is no truth – not even much suspicion of truth – in this story. It began with a column in The Guardian, whose author has since admitted that she made a mistake. It was taken up, with further embellishments, insulting commentary and no fact-checking, by the Daily Mail. It has since spread rapidly online.

The Mail wrote: “Workers in Socialist France can now ignore telephone calls and emails from their bosses when they are at home. It is all part of a new legal agreement which confirms President François Hollande’s country as arguably...

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Police: Man found in River Wear – Washington

Written by RSS Poster Crime & Justice - UK Crime News

Police have identified the man who was recovered from the River Wear and was later pronounced dead.

He has been identified as a 72 -year-old man from Durham.

There is no suspected third party involvement and reports are being prepared for the coroner.

Police were called to the River Wear in Washington at 12.29pm on Thursday, April 17, following reports of a man in the river.

Officers and other emergency services attended at Bonemill Lane, Fatfield in Washington near the Biddick Inn.

A man was recovered from the river and taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Military: You know your Argentine when

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

1. 1765 is after 1830

2.UN Human Rights laws do not apply to Argentina

3. Don't question your government if you like what they say.

4. Senior Statemen will openly release statements that show a level of diplomatic immaturity that would make Mugabe blush.

5. Creating Signs and monuments to a non existent place called Narnia , oops I meant Malvinas.

6. When your inflation rate reaches at least 40 % and your Financial Minister doesn't know basic economics and storms out of a press conference, you start burning British Flags and start calling all Brits Piratas.

7. You worship someone called Cohen who is supposed to be an expert of international law but has no idea of what Uti Posseditis means.

8. You claim other nations are Usurpers but your whole history is based on invasion and occupation.

9. You claim 3000 people are not entitled to live in there own homes but state with no sense of Irony you would do whatever you had to do to defend the motherland.

10. Your nation lives on a perpetual loop of 10 year financial collapses and yet...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally



Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: The Dangerously Mentally Ill

Written by RSS Poster MentalHealthCop

SOTLYou know what I’m referring to here, don’t you?  Just that term, “the dangerously mentally ill” tells you all you need to know about the group of people I’m referring to.  It’s such a self-justifying, explanatory term that it doesn’t really need any further explanation or clarification – you’re delivered straight to a vision of those in our society that are caught by this classification, right?  Surely, as a policeman, I meet people from this strata of our society all the time and they’re easy to recognise – maybe it’s those who would do harm to strangers or their close family and friends?

But what do you think I mean by ‘dangerous’? … and what do I mean by ‘ill’ or ‘mentally ill’?!

If you haven’t already realised: these words take us almost nowhere at all - let me briefly explain why and let me tell you the reasons behind labouring the point —

Have you ever listened to a psychiatrist and a lawyer discussing terminology and definitions, especially legal ones?  It’s worth...

This police blog continues,

Military: MILBABES

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Military: *No title*

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: Nottinghamshire Police Dog Section recruiting German Shepherds

Written by RSS Poster Dave B
The force is looking to recruit a number of German Shepherds under two-years-old to join the fight against crime.
The dogs, which can be male or female, will be assessed to check their suitability. If successful they may become an essential part of tracking down criminals and helping to detect crime.
If the donated dogs fail to pass the tests the force can return them to their owner or rehome them with a suitable family.
PC Leigh Whitehead said: "There may be members of the public who have a young German Shepherd who they would consider donating to us to train up as a police dog. If so, we would love to put them through their paces to see if they can become part of our team.
"All our dogs live with their dog handlers and build a bond like no other. If anyone would be kind enough to donate their young dogs to us, we will gladly take them and hopefully they can pass the test and help us catch criminals and make life better for everyone."
For more information contact PC Leigh Whitehead or Andy Pickersgill on 101.

Police: Police investigate fire in the Vale of Glamorgan

Written by RSS Poster Crime & Justice - UK Crime News

Police in the Vale of Glamorgan are investigating a house fire which happened during the early hours of Friday 18th April.

The incident happened at around 2.30am at Croft John in Penmark. The fire service attended the fire which is being treated as arson. No-one was injured and minor damage was caused to the house.

Detective Sergeant Paul Mason said: “An investigation is being carried out and we are appealing to anyone with information about this incident to come forward.

“We are aware of another recent fire and a reported burglary in this usually very quiet area of the Vale and our investigation will aim to establish any links between these incidents and identify those responsible for what are serious offences.”

Anyone with information should contact 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 1400132620.

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