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Fire: Considering a dip? Think before you sink

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AS the warm weather continues, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is issuing warnings to anyone tempted to cool off with a swim in a river, canal, lake or reservoir.

The Service is regularly called to incidents where people get into difficulties in the water and with another hot weekend predicted, it is hoped people will think before they sink.

The warning is particularly relevant following the death of Jack Pullen, 16, who got into difficulties in the River Etherow in Broadbottom last week.

Assistant County Fire Officer Geoff Harris, GMFRS Director of Prevention, said: “Swimming in open waters is far different to swimming in a public pool. The temperature can claim your life in minutes – even if you are a strong swimmer.

“On entering the water the body goes through an automatic gasp reflex which can lead to water being breathed into the lungs.

“In cold water blood flows to the core of the body to protect vital organs, meaning muscles in the arms and legs don’t work well, which often leads to people getting into...

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Fire: Fantastic charity achievement for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has recently received a huge thank you from The Fire Fighters Charity for the fantastic amount raised between June 2015-16.

Peter O'Reilly, County Fire Officer and Group Manager Gary Jarvis, GMFRS Fire Fighters Charity Rep

Thanks to the support of staff and their families and friends, retired fire service staff and members of the public we have raised £207,652.

This amazing contribution to the charity has helped 198 beneficiaries, serving and retired with everything from recuperation and rehabilitation at one of the three dedicated centres, Jubilee House, Harcombe House and Marine Court, to providing helpline support for a wide range of available services.

The Fire Fighters Charity needs £9 million a year to keep it running and relies solely on donations.

Throughout the year fundraising takes place across the organisation including car washes, open days, and watch and personal sporting challenges to name a few. It also includes regular giving and...

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Fire: Green light for Wigan’s new community fire and ambulance station

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PLANS to build a new community fire and ambulance station in Wigan have been approved by Wigan Council.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) and North West Ambulance Service’s (NWAS) joint venture with the selected contractor, Willmott Dixon, is set to get underway after the council’s planners gave the project the green light on Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

The station will replace the existing community fire station in Robin Park Road in the centre of Wigan and will see firefighters and paramedics work side-by-side from the site which is expected to open in summer 2017.

Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Securing approval for the project is fantastic news for GMFRS, NWAS and the people of Wigan who will benefit from severalfeatures, which will include a community room and a gymnasium.

“The project means we can further improve our relationship with the ambulance service as well as make financial savings over the years, similarly to...

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Fire: Man thanks firefighters for saving his life after cardiac arrest

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Steve Wright at Sale Fire Station

A MAN has thanked firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) for saving his life after he suffered a cardiac arrest at a local pub.

Steve Wright, from Sale, was in the JP Joule pub in the town when he collapsed suffering from a suspected cardiac arrest.

Red Watch from Sale Community Fire Station were sent to the scene and arrived within minutes – meaning they were able to immediately administer CPR and shock Steve using a defibrillator held on the fire engine.

Colleagues from North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) arrived on the scene shortly afterwards to provide specialist care and they took Steve to hospital. Thanks to the early treatment he received, Steve made a remarkable recovering following the incident in December 2015.

He recently paid a visit to the fire station on Cranleigh Drive to thank the crews for their life-saving actions.

Steve, who is well on the way to making a full recovery, said: “I had two pints in my hands and I went down...

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Fire: Major emergency planning exercise ends

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THE biggest ever live exercise of its kind ever held in Greater Manchester – Exercise Triton II – came to an end this morning (Friday, July 16, 2016) after months of intense planning.

Around 36 organisations across the region and nationally have been taking part in this major emergency planning exercise which saw dozens of emergency vehicles at sites across Greater Manchester and chinook helicopters flying across the skies.


The complex scenario used was designed to test how local authorities, emergency services and other partners are equipped to tackle a major emergency working together.

Participating ‘players’ also included the military, government, health and utility companies, as well as voluntary agencies.

The exercise started on Monday, July 11, 2016, with ‘warnings’ from the Met Office regarding adverse weather and from the Environment Agency about the growing risk of regional flooding.

The emergency services, including Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), and partners put procedures in place to ensure...

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Fire: GMFRS hosts first Healthy Heart Week

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Restart a Heart Day 2015

THIS week (July 11 to 15, 2016) Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) will be visiting over 30 schools across the county to teach potentially life-saving CPR to young people as part of the Service's first ever Healthy Heart Week.

Firefighters, support staff and volunteers will be taking CPR kits - provided by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) - into schools and during the sessions they will teach students how to perform chest compressions and give rescue breaths to help keep the heart’s blood pumping.

By the end of the week it's hoped that around 3,000 young people will be trained lifesavers and know how to help someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

It's the first time GMFRS has held Healthy Heart Week - the aim of which is to train thousands of young people in basic life support skills and raise awareness of the importance of learning CPR.

GMFRS' County Fire Officer Peter O'Reilly said: "Building on the success of last October’s European Restart a Heart Day, the aim is to create a nation of...

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Fire: Kyle Buckley becomes a firefighter for the day

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AN 11-year-old boy from Bolton became a firefighter for a day thanks to Bolton North firefighters. 

Kyle Buckley from Deane spent two years having chemotherapy to overcome rare muscle tissue cancer rhabdomyosarcoma, and after a third diagnosis Kyle and his family members are now battling the illness again. 

On Friday, June 3, Kyle went to the Crompton Way station to meet Green Watch members, who have been raising money for Kyle and his family. Firefighter Dan Winters from Bolton North is taking part in a number of fundraising event to support the cause and during the visit he showed Kyle around the station and how firefighting equipment works. 


Crew Manager Jay Jones said: “Kyle has twice been given the all clear from cancer but in March this year it returned and has spread to his kidneys. His Mum is my wife's cousin and she asked for help in fundraising as they have been told that Kyle’s best hope is to find trials or look abroad for treatment. 

“Firefighter Winters decided he would like to help Kyle by doing 12...

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Fire: Philips Park Community Fire and Ambulance Station Officially Opened

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FIREFIGHTERS and paramedics are now working from one location in the Philips Park area of Manchester as the two services build on a successful partnership.

The two organisations will now be based under one roof at Philips Park Community Fire and Ambulance Station, which officially opened on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

Crews from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) and North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) gathered to mark the occasion with a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the Briscoe Lane site.

The event was led by GMFRS County Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly, Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority (GMFRA) Councillor David Acton, Chief Executive of NWAS Derek Cartwright, and Chair of NWAS NHS Trust Wyn Dignan.


Photo L-R Derek Cartwright, Wyn Dignan, Councillor David Acton and Peter O'Reilly

Philips Park is the second GMFRS station to share a location and facilities with NWAS and there are plans for more shared services across the county. Earlier this year, officers from Greater...

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Fire: GMFRS set to host roadshow to celebrate and recruit volunteers

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GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is ready to join in with celebrations during National Volunteers’ Week 2016.

National Volunteer’s Week is taking place from Wednesday, June 1 to Sunday, June 12, when a number of events hosted by GMFRS will take place across Greater Manchester. 

Existing GMFRS volunteers and staff members will be at the events to talk to those who are interested in joining the team of volunteers and about upcoming volunteer roles the Service.

Since the Service’s volunteering programme launched in 2008, more than 200,000 hours have been donated by volunteers, carrying out various roles in the community.

Uzma Babb, GMFRS Volunteer Development Officer, said: “Our volunteers are fantastic and without their dedication and hard work we wouldn’t be able to do as much work as we do now in the community.

“This year a special thank-you event for our volunteers is planned for the evening of Saturday, June 4, where volunteers will be thanked for their hard work and commitment...

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Fire: Statement following conclusion of Firefighter Stephen Hunt inquest

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FOLLOWING the conclusion today of the inquest into the death of Firefighter Stephen Hunt on July 13, 2013, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has issued the following statement.

County Fire Officer and Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Peter O’Reilly, said: “I speak for everyone in Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service when I say that we feel the same today as we did when we lost Stephen three years ago and that is utterly, utterly devastated. The inquest has heard and seen some harrowing evidence over seven weeks of intense scrutiny. It has been hard on everyone but our thoughts are always with Stephen’s family first and foremost, who have conducted themselves with dignity and grace despite having to hear and see the most terrible information anyone could hear or see about their son or brother or dad.

“We cannot bring Stephen back and we cannot change the events of that day, as much as we would give everything we have to do so. What we can do is learn from the...

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