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Fire: Young apprentices have a bright future after securing jobs

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GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has welcomed on board a group of young people who’ve secured jobs with the Service after completing an apprenticeship programme. 

The news comes as figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that in the last three months of 2014 (October to December) nearly one million young people in the UK were not in education, employment or training. 

During their 12-month apprenticeship, the youngsters got involved in a range of activities to help make the community safer as well as secure valuable skills and experience – and now seven of them have got full-time jobs at GMFRS. 

GMFRS introduced its apprenticeship scheme as a pilot in October 2012 and, due to its success, a second programme started in November 2013 with Manchester College. 

Those to secure jobs after successfully finishing the 2013 apprenticeship programme are: Michael Dunn, Mathew Alsop, Sophie Williams and Anthony Maunder who are Community Safety Advisors, and Laura Broughton, Lee Waddicor...

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Fire: GMFRS appoints new Chief

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MEMBERS of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority (GMFRA) voted unanimously on Thursday, February 19, to approve the appointment of a new County Fire Officer and Chief Executive to lead the organisation.

Peter O’Reilly, who is currently Assistant County Fire Officer and Director of Prevention and Protection at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), will take up the post in June following the retirement of long-serving ‘Chief’ Steve McGuirk.

Peter, 48, who lives in Worsley with his wife Christine, two daughters and six-year-old grandson, joined GMFRS in February 2011 from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service where he served 21 years of his 25 year career.

Councillor David Acton, Chairman of GMFRA, said: “It will be a hard act to follow Steve but I am confident that Peter is the right person for this job. He has a great deal of experience both operationally and in management. He has led prevention and protection initiatives to great effect both here and in Northern Ireland. I am sure he will take the Service forward in a...

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Fire: Heywood Firefighters crowned top Fire Fighters Charity car wash station in Greater Manchester

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 Heywood FF Charity Car Wash Presentation

HEYWOOD Firefighters have been crowned top Fire Fighters Charity car wash fundraisers in Greater Manchester.

Thanks to the generous support of the local community crews raised over £700 washing cars over two weekends in March and September 2014.

Presenting the award on behalf of The Fire Fighters Charity, North West Region Fundraising Officer Alan Knell said: “It’s a pleasure to present this award to the top North West Region station for their superb efforts. 

“This fantastic donation, along with money raised at the Halloween Spooktacular, has contributed towards over £1700 raised by Heywood for the charity over the past year.

“I’m also delighted to announce that Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were the second highest carwash fundraisers in the whole of the UK.”

PHOTO: Heywood White Watch Crew with their award.

Fire: Crew Manager recognised for being the driving force behind safety initiative

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BCOM WOW Presentation

BOLTON CENTRAL White Watch Crew Manager Phil Dearden was presented with a Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) WOW! Award on Tuesday, January 13.

Phil was nominated by Sufiyan Kala, a local freelance journalist, with support from Bolton Council of Mosques for his commitment to supporting a safer driving initiative for college students.

In June last year around 100 students from Bolton College took part in workshops with firefighters, police officers and community safety staff before joining guests and dignitaries to watch crews cut ‘casualties’ out of an overturned car.

The event at Bolton Central Fire Station was the culmination of months of community work, events and campaigning to help reduce antisocial driving in the town following a number of serious accidents.

Since then, the agencies have carried out a series of events at mosques across Bolton to spread the message of safe driving and highlight the devastating consequences of racing and antisocial driving.

GMFRS, Bolton...

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Fire: Firefighters unveil cutting-edge wall piercing fire extinguisher

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GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has unveiled a cutting-edge extinguisher that pierces through walls and doors to tackle fires like never before.

The Service is the first UK metropolitan fire and rescue service to have its fire engines fitted with this state-of-the-art equipment, which sprays water into building fires from outside.

Working with Manchester City Council, GMFRS will carry out a series of controlled live burns inside a number of derelict flats in Manchester as part of a firefighter training exercise to demonstrate the tool – starting from Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

The new Ultra High Pressure Lance is just one of the innovative pieces of equipment being introduced at GMFRS as part of a huge project which looks into the future of firefighting.

Chair of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “This is an extremely exciting project and fire and rescue services across the UK are looking at GMFRS with great interest as we put the lance into...

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Fire: Greater Manchester Deputy County Fire Officer Jim Owen Honoured by Her Majesty the Queen

Written by RSS Poster News

ONE of Greater Manchester’s most senior firefighters has been honoured by the Queen for thirty years distinguished service.

Deputy County Fire Officer Jim Owen has been given the Queen’s Fire Service Medal in this year’s New Year’s Honour List.

He has been recognised for his role in helping to lead Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service through a period of huge transformation and his work to develop fire protection and fire investigation services across the North West.  

Jim began his career in Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service in 1985 spending 15 years working in various operational and fire safety roles before working his way up through the ranks to become an area manager.

He joined GMFRS in December 2008 as Assistant County Fire Officer for Fire Safety before becoming Deputy County Fire Officer in 2010.

On finding out he had received the Queen’s Fire Service Medal, Jim said: “I’m very proud of working for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and of all that...

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Fire: Stalybridge firefighters save a life for Christmas

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STALYBRIDGE firefighters have praised a business owner whose dash to their fire station saved a man’s life before Christmas.

Blue Watch firefighters were training upstairs on Monday, December 22 just before 11am when they head their station doorbell ringing repeatedly.

Watch Manager, Gary Philips, said: “We were upstairs and could hear our station doorbell going again and again, so we knew there must be something wrong.

“One of the lads ran down the stairs and the proprietor of Top Gun Flight Simulator Centre was at the door saying he needed us urgently.

“We turned ourselves out and when we arrived we were met with a man lying unconscious on the floor in a flight simulator.

“We gave the man first aid and shocked him with a defibrillator. The paramedics arrived soon after and praised the watch for the work they did and said we’d given him the best chance of survival he could get.

“The proprietor of Top Gun deserves a pat on the back for running up to the station and ensuring that man had the quickest possible...

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Fire: Two taken to hospital after candle fire in Hyde

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TWO people have been taken to hospital after a candle caused a fire at a flat in Hyde.

A man and woman were taken to hospital suffering from some inhalation – the man also had burns to his hands. A further man suffered smoke inhalation but declined hospital treatment.

Firefighters are using the incident as a warning to others about the dangers of candles and the importance of smoke alarms.

Chair of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Whether using candles for light or decoration, it’s really important that you ensure the flame is fully out before you go to bed or leave the house.

“Luckily nobody was too seriously injured but two people have been taken to hospital just days before Christmas – and the consequences could have been far worse.

“Make sure candles are standing up straight and are firmly fixed in proper holders so they can't fall over and always place candles on a heat-resistant...

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Fire: Local legend and honorary firefighter Brian celebrates 50th birthday at Bury Fire Station

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A LOCAL legend was given a fiftieth birthday to remember when he spent the day with his favourite firefighters at Bury Community Fire Station.


Brian Jones, who works at Tesco in Bury, spent the day with White Watch on Wednesday, December 17, 2104, in celebration of the milestone occasion.

He has loved the fire service since his was a boy and has paid regular visits to his local fire station for almost 30 years, building a strong bond with White Watch who have made him an honorary firefighter.

Ten years ago, Brian spent the day with the watch at the old fire station at The Rock to mark his fortieth birthday.

Firefighter John Mitchell said: “Brian comes to the station at least once a week and helps us clean the fire engines and has a brew with us at lunch times – he’s just a great guy.

“When I first joined the job 18 years ago I was detached to Bury and Brian was the first person I saw at the station. He was stood at the gates telling me what position I was riding on the fire...

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Fire: Atherton firefighters go to rescue of man who fell in street

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QUICK-THINKING firefighters Atherton went to the rescue of an elderly man who fell in the street and created a makeshift tent to keep him warm and dry.

The crew from Green Watch were returning to the fire station in Gloucester Street after attending an incident when they spotted a man on the floor outside a supermarket on Tyldesley Old Road shortly before 12.30pm today (Monday, December 15).

The 90-year-old man had been out to post his Christmas cards when he fell and it’s thought he had been on the ground for some time when the firefighters pulled over to assist him.

Watch Manager Ian Gardner, from Green Watch Atherton, said: “He was crossing the road and had tripped and fallen – he was conscious but was in a lot of pain.

“One of the trauma technicians on the watch gave first-aid and one of the firefighters had the idea to make a little shelter out of the salvage sheets on the fire engine to protect him.


“The man was concerned because nobody could contact his family so we found his keys and went to his...

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