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Fire: Bonfire Night almost goes off with a Wham! for woman who discovers box of eighties fireworks

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ONE woman’s Bonfire Night celebrations nearly took a retro turn after she discovered a box of fireworks from the eighties hidden in a room of her house.

The Manchester resident handed the fireworks in after finding out about Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s Firework Amnesty.

The Northern Star selection box contains fireworks more than 30-years-old, which would be illegal to sell under current safety regulations.


Manchester Fire Safety Officer, Geoff Pridmore, said: “The lady found the fireworks in a cupboard after clearing out a room in her house.

“There could have been problem if she’d suffered a fire, but thankfully they’ve been left undisturbed for more than 30 years.

“She definitely did the right thing getting in touch with us to take advantage of our amnesty for fireworks.

“We will take them to secure storage and dispose of them at a later date.” 

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is currently running a fireworks amnesty to try and...

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Fire: Students warned to test smoke alarms after flat fire

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Students in Manchester are being warned to test all smoke alarms in their accommodation following a flat fire this morning (Oct 18).

The call comes after a student was rescued by firefighters when a small fire broke out in the bedroom of a flat in Bombay Street, Manchester, at 5.06am today.

It was thanks to a neighbour calling the fire service that the resident was successfully rescued by firefighters.

Watch Manager Andy Simister explained: “It was a neighbour in the next door flat who called the fire service after their own smoke alarm sounded. When they went to investigate, they noticed smoke coming from underneath the door of the adjacent flat and did exactly the right thing by calling 999.

“The property was occupied by students and although there was a smoke alarm inside, it was not working. This is a timely reminder to all homeowners, and especially students who have just moved into accommodation, to test their smoke alarms are working by simply pressing the test button. Every floor of a rented property should have...

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Fire: Parade Pump paint job marks the start of Treacle 2016

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Nick ‘Hammo’ Hamilton painting one of the designs on the GMFRS Parade Pump

Nick ‘Hammo’ Hamilton painting one of the designs on the GMFRS Parade Pump 

A FIRE engine became the canvas for Mancunian street artists to spread the word about a safety campaign.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s (GMFRS) parade pump was painted at the Manchester Art Battle on Friday (Oct 14) as part of this year’s Bonfire Night and Halloween safety campaign Treacle.

Jay Sharples and Nick Hamilton, also known as Hammo, are known for their work painting murals on building across Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The artists painted a different message on each side of the parade pump – one wishing people happy Halloween and another asking people to stay safe on Bonfire Night.

The parade pump will be driving around Greater Manchester and at events throughout the autumn, with the artwork on display to highlight the partnership campaign.

The new paintjob was completed at GMFRS’ former home, London Road Fire Station, while artists from across the North West fought it out in the art battle.


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Fire: GMFRS scoops innovation award for high tech gaming assessments

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HIGH tech gaming style assessments have ensured Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has been hailed as one of the most innovative services in the UK.  

The Service scooped the Innovation Award at the British Quality Foundation Awards for advances it has made in training and assessing firefighters using a virtual environment.

GMFRS has been using XVR software to assess incident commanders since 2013. The software allows firefighters to be assessed in a pre-built virtual environment similar to a computer game.

Assessors can create a range of realistic scenarios from severe fires to explosions and large scale chemical leaks.

The system reacts to an incident commanders decisions in real time, giving them the chance to control multiple fire engines without having to use any of GMFRS’ actual pumps.

Assessing commanders in this way saves money, keeps the process consistent for each candidate and ensures officers are assessed in private.

Head of Operational Training, Area Manager Mark O’Brien, was...

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Fire: Four men praised after rescuing man from house fire

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FIREFIGHTERS have praised the quick-thinking actions of four men who rescued a man from a house fire in Stockport.

Just after 2pm on Sunday, October 9, 2016, three fire engines were sent to Glebe Street in Offerton. 

On arrival at the address firefighters were greeted by four men who had rescued an 88-year-old man from the house after becoming aware of the fire as they were passing in a car.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel to tackle the blaze and gave oxygen to the casualty.  He was then taken to hospital where he remained overnight.

Watch Manager Steve Johnston, from Offerton Community Fire Station, said: “On arrival at the incident an elderly man was outside the house suffering from the effects of smoke. 

“We believe that a neighbour had initially attempted to enter the house involved but she decided it was too dangerous. At the same time four men passing the property in a car stopped and made their way into the house and rescued the occupier.”

Borough Manager for Stockport, Paul...

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Fire: Stockport firefighters scale Everest to make dreams come true

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STOCKPORT firefighters reached the peak of their fundraising efforts when they completed a ladder climb equivalent to the height of Mount Everest.

The firefighters completed their 8,848 metre ascent by climbing up ladders attached to the Merseyway Shopping Centre. They raised cash for the Fire Fighters Charity and When You Wish Upon a Star in the process.

Climbing the height of Everest is just one of a series of fundraising activities completed by firefighters at Stockport.

Each year firefighters at the station start a Just Giving page and try to raise as much cash as they can throughout the year.

This year has seen firefighter’s complete marathons across the UK and a charity SAS selection test, The Fan Dance, as well as climbing the height of Everest on ladders, so far they’ve raised over £2000.

Firefighter Kevan Downey, was the man behind the Everest ladder challenge, he said: “Dave Cracknell and I began our quest for When you Wish Upon a Star and over the years we’ve roped in Steve Wood, Ian...

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Fire: Airport exercise allows emergency services to train together

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AGENCIES from across Greater Manchester joined forces yesterday (Tuesday, September 27, 2016) in a training exercise to practice response to an aircraft incident.

AGENCIES from across Greater Manchester joined forces yesterday (Tuesday, September 27, 2016) in a training exercise to practice response to an aircraft incident.

The exercise at City Airport in Barton simulated the after effects of two planes colliding, where one aircraft was entirely burnt out and the other contained multiple casualties, bringing together crews from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), Greater Manchester Police and the city airport’s own firefighters.

Six volunteers from the Casualties Union took part in the exercise, each suffering from a range of different ‘injuries’, which were treated by professionals involved in the incident.


Paul Bailey from the HART team at NWAS said: “City Airport in Barton is one of our key locations, so the multi-agency exercise involved a difficult...

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Fire: Hundreds of pounds raised for The Fire Fighters Charity

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THANKS to staff members and volunteers GMFRS hosted two great open days over the weekend.

Rochdale opened its doors to the public on Saturday, September 24, with Whitefield doing the same on Sunday, September 25.

Everyone had a great time at the events with valuable funds being raised for The Fire Fighters Charity.

And not just that, more than 80 people learnt life-saving skills at the Rochdale event, thanks to NWAS who carried out CPR training.


SM Mark Doggett said: “The open day at Rochdale was extremely successful with more than £800 being raised for The Fire Fighters Charity.

“An amazing 80 people were trained in CPR by NWAS at the event and we have had lots of positive feedback from visitors.

“I want to thank all of the firefighters who helped on duty (Rochdale, Bolton, Heywood, Oldham) along with Watch Manager McDermott and CM Doyle who helped the day run like clockwork.

“Thanks must also go to those who gave their time off-duty, our community fire cadets from Hollins, GMFRS volunteers, staff from our...

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Fire: Statement from Chairman of GMFRA, Cllr David Acton, regarding shift changes

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Councillor David Acton, Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, said: “Following contact with the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), I have today agreed to withdraw the Section 188 letter issued to the FBU. 

“I have taken this step in order to facilitate talks through the Independent Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) on Thursday, September 29, 2016. 

“The FBU has confirmed that it will participate fully in the TAP and both parties are entering the talks constructively. This is a welcome move that will allow both parties to engage in discussions about our SDS proposals without the threat of action by either party. 

“The TAP will publish its report within 14 days. We must not forget that these changes have been proposed because of continuing cuts by the Government and the Government has imposed a further cut of £14.4m over the next four years. 

“Both GMFRA and the FBU are committed to ensuring the safety of the public.”

Fire: Street naming in honour of fallen Firefighter Stephen Hunt

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Wilf and Susan Veevers with Stephen's watch colleagues

FAMILY, friends and colleagues gathered on Tuesday, September 20 for a street name unveiling ceremony in Miles Platting to honour fallen Firefighter Stephen Hunt.

Stephen was tragically killed in the line of duty in July 2013 at an incident at Paul’s Hair World on Oldham Street, Manchester.

Manchester City Councillor John Flanagan along with fellow Councillors June Hitchen and Carmine Grimshaw suggested the new street in Miles Platting be named in Stephen’s memory to honour his sacrifice serving the community he loved.

Stephen’s parents Wilf and Susan unveiled the street sign and floral tributes were laid.

Wilf thanked everyone for attending and said: “We are all very proud and it’s a huge honour. It shows people are thinking of Stephen and that people are proud of him. The family is over the moon with the honour.

“All of Stephen’s watch were there alongside many other firefighters. I would like to thank all those behind the project and everyone who attended the ceremony.”

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