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Fire: Tameside Hospital supports GMFRS to lower call outs to false alarms

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WORKING closely with staff at their local hospital fire safety officers in Tameside have helped to reduce the number of false alarms attended by firefighters. 

On Monday, January 25, 2016 a call challenging protocol was introduced at Tameside Hospital following years of work between GMFRS and the hospital.  

The partnership has already led to a noticeable difference in the number of times crews have been called to false alarms at the hospital. 

Staff members at Tameside Hospital now check what has set off their alarms before calling 999 whereas previously the person working on the switchboard would call for a fire engine immediately. 

This means that when there isn’t a genuine emergency, firefighters and resources are available to respond to more serious incidents. 

Tameside Fire Safety Officer Jon Sweeney said: “The protocol at Tameside Hospital means that call challenging is now taking place Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, which will hopefully further reduce calls outs to false alarms at...

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Fire: Campaign highlights importance of testing smoke alarms

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to test their smoke alarms, as the Government launches a new Fire Kills advertising campaign. 


GMFRS is asking residents to regularly test their smoke alarms and those of people they care for to prevent fire deaths, as a new look Fire Kills advertising campaign is being launched by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The Government Fire Kills advertising campaign will run for one month from January across radio, print, digital, outdoor and social media as there is an increase in fire-related emergencies and deaths over the winter months, compared to the rest of the year.

There were more than 160 deaths from accidental fires in the home last year. By simply testing smoke alarms, many more lives could be saved.

Adverts will feature friendly smoke alarms, which will tell the public to make time for their home’s ‘unsung heroes’ by testing their alarms once a month.

A working smoke alarm can buy you valuable time to get out, stay...

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Fire: Contractor appointed to build Wigan’s new fire and ambulance station

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A NEW community fire and ambulance station is set to be built in Wigan with a contractor now being appointed to deliver the £3.9million development project.

The project between Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) and North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and the selected contractor, Willmott Dixon, is currently in the concept design stage and it is envisaged that building work will commence in 2016.

The station will replace the existing fire station in Robin Park Road in the centre of Wigan and will see firefighters and paramedics work side by side from the site.

Design for the new station is underway involving staff at both of the emergency services and the unions, along with Willmott Dixon.

Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “We are pleased to announce that we have selected a contractor to build the new station in Wigan that will replace the existing building in Robin Park Road.

“We are also pleased to be working side by side...

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Fire: Thank you from the Interim Mayor of Greater Manchester

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Dear all,

The last twenty four hours have been both unexpected and unprecedented in the way Greater Manchester suffered at the impact of the flooding and the way in which our public services, utilities and individual volunteers, working together, responded to the challenge.

Fortunately there has been no loss of life or recorded serious injury which is hard to believe but is a measure of the  response provided by all those involved.

All our thoughts are with those whose Christmas was destroyed when they were driven from the homes or are now trying to put those homes and lives back together.

But I want to offer my special thanks to all those in our Fire and Rescue Service who were there to help those in need when that need was at its greatest. The public are rightly grateful to each and everyone for little acts of kindness through to the response needed that made people feel safe and helped them know that things would be alright.

I know both David Acton, Chair of GMFRS, and Peter O'Reilly, Chief Fire Officer, join me in our...

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Fire: Flooding Update from Manchester Fire

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FIREFIGHTERS wading waist-deep in freezing water for up to seven hours at a time and an army of local people offering their help were among the most poignant stories to emerge from Manchester’s Boxing Day floods today.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said it believed crew had rescued up to 1,000 people in less than 24 hours when water levels rose so rapidly yesterday that whole towns were cut off.

The human stories behind the shocking and distressing photographs emerged this morning when Chairman of the Fire Authority Councillor David Acton joined the County Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly and Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd to chat with crew from Rochdale, Littleborough, Eccles and Bury and say thank you for their efforts.

Cllr Acton said the Service had been at ‘full stretch’ but that firefighters had responded magnificently.

The group heard how firefighters in Radcliffe had waded into waist high water in the Riverside Drive and Selby Close areas to rescue pregnant women, children and vulnerable, elderly people in...

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Fire: Public urged to stay safe and stay informed after flood alerts issued for Greater Manchester

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FIREFIGHTERS are urging people across Greater Manchester to stay informed and stay safe after 18 flood alerts have been issued for the region by the Flood Warning Information Service.

Crew are currently responding to incidents in Wigan, Bolton, Bury, Salford and Ramsbottom and conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout the day.

Eleven parts of Greater Manchester have been issued with a warning, which means flooding is expected and action needs to be taken they are:

  • River Irwell at Pioneer Mills and Parkside Close

  • River Roch at Littleborough

  • River Irwell at Bury Ground

  • River Irwell at Prestolee and Ringley Bridges

  • Hey Brook at Rochdale, properties adjacent to the watercourse

  • Borsdane and Hockery Brook at Hindley

  • River Irwell at Summerseat, Riverside

  • River Irwell at Irwell Vale

  • Walsden Water at Walsden and Todmorden

  • River Spodden at Whitworth, Daniel Street

  • River Irwell at Strongstry and Chatterton

A further seven parts of...

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Fire: Project wins national award for helping thousands of residents

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A project that has helped thousands of people in need across Greater Manchester has scooped a national award.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Risk Intervention Team (CRIT) was set up last year to support the work of the emergency services.



From left: Andrew Lynch, Editor of Fire Magazine, Councillor Tommy Judge, vice chair of Greater Manchester Fire Authority, Terri Byrne, CRIT Project Manager, Mark O’Brien, GMFRS Head of Transformation, Paul Fuller, Chief Fire Officer of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Its aim is to help people stay safe in their homes but also respond to low-priority calls from North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and Greater Manchester Polices (GMP) relating to falls in the home, cardiac arrest and concern for welfare.

Since going live, teams have responded to 2,832 calls for GMP and NWAS and have carried out 1,089 prevention visits. Now that work has been recognised by Fire Magazine Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards which...

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Fire: Poignant Christmas film delivers serious message

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Click on the above image to watch the film


JOHN Lewis eat your heart out - Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has created its own heartfelt Christmas video.

The Service’s Christmas Wish is about looking after older people this winter and features a young girl receiving a gift-wrapped firefighter, who helps her elderly grandmother.

The themes tie in with GMFRS’ new Safe and Well visits, which see firefighters visiting vulnerable people to address cold homes, social isolation, falls and flu this winter.

The video quotes Office for National Statistics findings that there were 43,900 excess deaths across the country directly relating to the winter conditions between December 2014 and March 2015.

As well as its traditional fire safety guidance, GMFRS is working with Public Health England and other partners to try and help by giving advice on staying warm and making referrals to organisations who can improve the lives of the region’s older people.

Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor...

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Fire: Moss Side gym hails a new star

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Moss Side Fire Station’s Boxing Club is celebrating a national championship after a long-serving junior won a prestigious belt.

Conner Tudsbury, 15, won the Class A belt in the under-65kg category at the National Association of Girls and Boys Clubs Championship in Portsmouth at the weekend.

Conner_MossSide.jpg (1)

 Conner Tudsbury (centre), with Nigel Travis (right) and Kelvyn Travis (left)

Nigel Travis, head coach at the Denhill Road club, hailed Conner’s dedication during his time with the gym.

Nigel said: “Conner has been a member of the gym since we started it eight years ago. He has had some problems at school, but his application to everything that we have given him to do here has been second to none.

“His is a great success story for the gym. The demographics of this area get a rough press and some of our kids have had some tough things to deal with, but when they come here they are given the best values of the fire service, which are respect, discipline and courage.

“If we can make a positive difference to their lives, then it is all worthwhile....

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Fire: Four Rescued as Firefighters Tackle Three Arson Attacks

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FOUR people were rescued in three separate but very similar incidents as arsonists struck in Rochdale and Bolton earlier today.

In the first incident, above a shop in Edenfield Road, Norden, three people were balancing on a first floor window ledge after a fire was deliberately started at the back of the property.

Just over an hour later, a fourth man was found in almost exactly the same position at a first floor window when a fire was started at the rear of a shop in Chorley Old Road, Bolton.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said it attended a third fire in an empty house in Tyrone Drive, Bamford, which had also been deliberately started overnight. The three fires are not being linked at this stage but were strikingly similar.

Crew from Rochdale and Heywood arrived at the first incident in Bamford just before 2am this morning when petrol had been poured through the letterbox of the large detached house and set alight. The property, which was empty because the occupants had recently moved out, was heavily smoke...

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