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Fire: Fire, police and council link up to change young lives in Salford

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A PIONEERING project to steer young people away from crime and improve their lives has been launched in Salford. 

As part of its ongoing transformation journey Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is working closely with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Salford City Council (SCC) to bring a new approach to the way local youngsters and their families in Salford are supported. 

The latest transformation project, known as Salford Integrated Prevention Hub (SIPH), comes after GMFRS, with the assistance of partners, was successful in securing a Government bid when £0.49million was granted to improve youth systems and available services.  

The funding secured in 2014 has been complemented by over £0.5million of support through the use of existing staff from the three partners. 

Across Salford there are four hubs, where teams made up of existing staff and new recruits from a range of backgrounds are working from.  The hubs are located at Eccles Fire Station, Swinton Police Station, Little...

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Fire: Dementia Buddy campaign launches in Wigan

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PEOPLE living with dementia will have a better quality of life thanks to electronic devices that they will be offered in the coming months. 

A number of organisations have joined together to help the many people living with dementia in Wigan by building on a campaign brought to life by a local charity, with an official launch event taking place during Dementia Awareness Week. 

Wigan councillor Mark Aldred, who founded Good Deeds Trust with his wife Karen and mother Hillary, has been working closely with Wigan Alzheimer’s Society since 2010 offering support to those affected by dementia and already delivers cafes that are also open to family members and carers. 

Working with Wigan Alzheimer’s Society and dementia sufferers the charity identified a number of devices known as Guardian Angels, including wristbands, badges and keyrings, which have been trialled with 400 people through a dementia workshop in Atherton. 

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has since contributed £17.5k to support the life-changing cause and...

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Fire: Fire and housing partnership will improve lives of people in oldham

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FIREFIGHTERS in Oldham have teamed up with a social housing partnership to improve the lives of local people.


Group Manager for Oldham, Bury and Rochdale Ian Bailey signs the contract with the Chair of the OHIP David Smith and other members of the partnership  

A partnership agreement between Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) and Oldham Housing Investment Partnership (OHIP) will see the organisations working together to identify and protect people most at risk.

OHIP is thesocial housing partnership for Oldham that covers approximately 21,000 households – that’s around 30 per cent of all housing in Oldham.

As part of the partnership, GMFRS will train OHIP staff to recognise when people are at risk of fire and other dangers.

The training will also include firefighters delivering life-saving Heartstart training – emergency life support skills including assessing someone who is unconscious, performing CPR, dealing with choking, and helping someone that may be having a heart...

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Fire: Dogs revived with oxygen after crews tackle Little Hulton blaze

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FIREIFIGHTERS rescued eight dogs reviving two of them with oxygen after an intense fire in a back garden in Little Hulton.

A crew from Farnworth and Atherton were called to Keynon Way at 7.14pm, Sunday, May 18, following reports of a fire involving a range of kennels in a back garden.

Watch Manager John Duffin said: “We think the fire was caused by a puppy that jumped up and knocked a heat lamp over.

“The lamp ignited straw on the floor and the fire tore through the kennels very quickly. When we arrived the scene was chaotic and the fire was quite intense.

“A neighbour, who had tried to put the fire out with a garden hose, was trapped in the back garden and our first priority was to make sure he was safe.

“We rescued eight dogs and revived two of them with oxygen – unfortunately four dogs died in the blaze.”  

The crew used four firefighters in breathing apparatus, two hose reels and a water jet to extinguish the blaze.



Fire: Buckets of cash raised for The Fire Fighters Charity

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Photo: White Watch Manager Barry Malone and Firefighter Chris Foott, Heywood Community Fire Station

THANKS to the kind support of local communities Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service raised more cash than any other brigade in the UK during the recent Fire Fighters Charity Car Wash Month.

Carwashes took place across the county during March and raised in excess of £7,000.

Building on last year’s fantastic results Heywood Community Fire Station came top in Greater Manchester for the third time in a row raising just over £1,000.

County Fire Officer (Designate) Peter O’Reilly, said: “The Fire Fighters Charity is a fantastic organisation and we’re incredibly proud to have raised more money for them than any other fire service in the UK during the recent car washes.

“I’d like to thank our firefighters, staff and volunteers who worked hard to achieve this fantastic result, but most of all I would to thank to people of Greater Manchester for their incredible generosity.” 

Fire: New laws require landlords to fit smoke alarms on each floor of their properties

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RULES for landlords are changing and they must ensure that a smoke alarm is equipped on every storey of their rented dwelling when occupied under a tenancy. 

Landlords must also ensure that a carbon monoxide alarm is equipped in any room which contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance. 

The new regulations, which come in to force on October 1, 2015, also require landlords to ensure that such alarms are in proper working order at the start of a new tenancy. 

The Department for Communities and Local Government are going to provide Fire and Rescue Authorities with a small number of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for private landlords. 

The intention is to help landlords seeking to comply with the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm (England) Regulations before they come into force. 

These regulations will apply to all landlords in the private rented sector, including those renting agricultural dwellings and tied accommodation, which have generally tended to fall outside the scope of...

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Fire: *No title*

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A HOMELESS man has been reunited with staff from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) who helped him out in a time of need.

On the evening of Tuesday, March 10, 48-year-old Perry Parker had been sleeping on Rupert Street when his bag of blankets and clothes were set alight.

GMFRS firefighters from Bolton Central Fire Station put out the fire and members of the Community Risk Intervention Team then offered welfare support to Perry.

Perry, along with Alan Holt from Urban Outreach in Bolton, were invited to Bolton Central on Thursday, April 16, to meet those who helped him following the incident which left him with no belongings and shaken.

Perry said: “I’ve been left shaken following the incident and keep having nightmares about my bag of clothes being set alight and how I came back to find them on fire and a man running away.

“I really enjoyed meeting the firefighters and others fire service staff who helped me after the incident and can’t thank them enough.”

On the evening of the incident firefighters went to Rupert Street and once the...

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Fire: GMFRS supports family fun day to raise cash for life-saving defibs

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FIREFIGHTERS from Bolton Borough joined in with an Easter fun day in Kearsley where thousands of pounds were raised to save lives. 

The event was organised by Tracey Wilkinson who is the fundraising manager for Bolton ICD (implantable cardiac defibrillator) Support Group that was set up in 2006 to support patients and their families after an ICD had been implanted into a patient.  


The group has since developed and now raises funds to equip schools and sports clubs with automated external defibrillators, so when our firefighters heard about the event taking place at the Easter weekend they couldn’t wait to get involved and help out. 

Watch Manager Paul Harrison, Farnworth Green Watch, arranged with Tracey for his watch and their colleagues from Bolton Central to attend the event along with an aerial appliance, at Kearsley Cricket Club on Easter Monday (April 6). 

Crew Manager Steve Coote, Green Watch Farnworth, said: “It was a wonderful event at a local cricket club which we had the pleasure of...

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Fire: Irlam fire cadets raise vital funds to buy life saving equipment for their community

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FIRE cadets in Irlam have been raising money to buy a life-saving piece of equipment for the community. 

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, the Irlam Community Fire Cadets attended Tesco in Irlam to fundraise for a Community Automated External Defibrillator.

A defibrillator is used in conjunction with CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and is a vital piece of first-aid equipment when dealing with a cardiac arrest.

CPR will help keep oxygen flowing to the brain and vital organs but only the electric shock of a defibrillator will rectify the heart’s irregular rhythm.

Irlam Firefighter Lewis Jeffery said: "The cadets at Irlam Fire Station have received Heartstart training as part of their programme and they all felt that the two-hour session gave them confidence and a better understanding of how to deal with someone having a cardiac arrest.

"They had never used a defibrillator before but after training with it they realised how important it is.

"Irlam Fire Station is very much at the heart of...

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Fire: Crew Create A Crackin' Easter For Kids

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YOUNG patients at Manchester Children’s Hospital today enjoyed a really Good Friday after firefighters turned up to dish out hundreds of Easter Eggs.
Crew from Red Watch Moss Side joined members of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s Technical Response Unit in Ashton to create an egg hunt where young patients had to find clues around a number of emergency vehicles.
They were joined by the Service’s much-loved mascot – the six foot tall golden Labrador fire dog Cracker.
Scott Barry-Godsell, firefighter on Red Watch at Ashton and part of the Technical Response Unit, said: “We have had a great afternoon. The children loved the vehicles that we have in the fire service – especially the children’s miniature fire engine and the community vehicle which blows bubbles. Those inside the hospital who were unable to come out could see them as the wind carried them right around the building.”
The event was organised in conjunction with the Ronald McDonald House Charity and more than 200 Easter eggs were donated by local...

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