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Police: Moeen Ali 6 for 67

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Moeen Ali British born Muslim of Pakistani descent.

England v India: Moeen Ali takes 6-67 as hosts win to level series

Thank goodness for immigration!

Police: Police Reform — Statement

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Pretender to the Throne?

This does go on a bit but it, and the responses are worth persevering with.

Lord Taylor of Holbeach (Conservative)

My Lords, with the leave of the House I will now repeat a Statement on police reform that was given earlier today in the House of Commons by my right honourable friend Theresa May, the Home Secretary. The Statement is as follows.

“With permission, Mr Speaker, I would like to make a statement about our ongoing work to ensure the highest standards of integrity in the police. I have always been clear that I believe the vast majority of police officers in this country do their job honestly, and with integrity. They fight crime in our villages, towns and cities. They deal with dangerous criminals, strive to protect the vulnerable, keep our streets safe and have shown that they can cut crime even as we cut spending. Under this Government, crime is down by more than 10% since the election, proving that it is possible to do more with less. But as I have said before, the good work of the...

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Police: Majority of police officers ‘don’t trust leaders’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Almost 90 per cent of officers could not say they trusted leaders at West Yorkshire Police, a report has found.

The report, commissioned by the force, found that the very low morale and levels of trust are a result of continual budget cuts.

The chairman of the West Yorkshire Police Federation has said his force “can’t afford to bury its head in the sand” over the results.

In the questionnaire, just 10.5 per cent of those serving in West Yorkshire Police said they trust its leaders.

The same research also found 56 per cent of people would not recommend the force as an employer. The report accompanying the survey claims that this opinion is, in turn, helping to reduce public confidence in the organisation as it is communicated outside the force.

West Yorkshire leaders commissioned consultants to assess its strengths and weaknesses in how it is viewed by both officers and staff.

The force noted: “Eight per cent of leaders and 18 per cent of team members have a level of motivation...

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Police: Armed police threaten to down guns

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog
  • 24-year-old died in Edgware, London, in April 2005 after being shot six times
  • Azelle Rodney was wanted by police over double stabbing
  • Marksman has only been identified as E7 after being granted anonymity
  • Firearms officers said to be shocked at decision and may take stage walk-out
  • Three-month public inquiry into Mr Rodney’s death was published last year
  • Sir Christopher Holland concluded that Mr Rodney’s killing was not justified
  • Have only been two cases when officer is charged with murder while on duty
  • In both cases, the officers were acquitted of the charges after trial by jury
  • Mr Rodney’s mother Susan Alexander says she is ‘pleased’ at decision

Firearms officers are threatening industrial action after a former policeman was charged with murdering a drug dealer during a Scotland Yard operation.

Armed officers are said to be considering a staged walk-out after it was confirmed that the ex-officer will stand trial over the 2005 death of Azelle Rodney, who died in a hail of bullets when his car was stopped by police...

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Police: Police officer who shot dead suspected gangster Azelle Rodney charged with murder

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

A former firearms officer with the Metropolitan Police will appear in court in September charged with murdering suspected gangster, Azelle Rodney, who was shot dead in a pre-planned police operation in 2005

An armed police officer shot suspect Azelle Rodney six times within a second of pulling up beside the car he was in, an inquiry heard today. A police marksman who shot dead a suspected gangster during an anti-drugs operation has been charged with murder, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced.

Azelle Rodney, (pictured), died after police opened fire on the car he was a passenger in during a ‘hard stop’ outside a pub in north London in April 2005.

The 24-year-old died had been travelling in a car with two other men, who police feared were on their way to rob Colombian drug dealers.

Mr Rodney was hit six times in less than two seconds, taking four bullets to the head.

The circumstances of the shooting were initially investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and first passed to the CPS in 2006.

But prosecutors concluded that there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone in...

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Police: Scotland ‘may develop independent chief officer training’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Scotland 'may develop independent chief officer training'Discussions have sped up recently, President of Association of Scottish Police Superintendents says.

Aspiring chief officers in Scotland could be trained separately from those in the rest of the UK, it has emerged.

Growing differences between policing in the country and England and Wales have led to high-level talks over future development of senior ranked officers.

Police Scotland, the Scottish Police Authority, Scottish Government and others are deliberating over whether to continue to use existing College of Policing training for chief officers, the culimation of which is the Strategic Command Course (SCC) at Bramshill.

Currently, all personnel in the UK and Northern Ireland wishing to progress into the Association of Chief Police Officer ranks must have completed this course.

But Chief Superintendent Niven Rennie, President of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS), told “To a certain extent policing (in Scotland) has become different from...

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Police: The secret behind police humour

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Sergeant turned stand-up comedian reveals how the Job has influenced an extraordinary talent.

Police: Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private Healthcare

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Following on from my rather tongue in cheek post about MP’s having to wear sponsors patches like racing car drivers
See Citizen petition to White House: Make members of Congress wear logos of corporate donors – like NASCAR drivers. I did a bit of digging.

It would seem that if a local Councillor has connections to something that they are to vote on they must declare it and excuse themselves from the vote. Member of our illustrious Palace of Westminster, Lords and Commoners, have to declare it and… well nothing. They are perfectly entitled to vote on it. Well that is clear and transparent. In the words of the report below that makes their rules “Not fit for purpose.” Not surprisingly in a world of politicians it is not just the Tories. All of them seem to find it acceptable that their financial interests do not exclude them from taking important decisions about the NHS in our interests that would almost certainly contribute their their increased wealth. Take a look and tell me if you...

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Police: Hampshire DCC Craig Denholm Announces Retirement

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog


The deputy chief constable of Hampshire Constabulary is retiring a year after transferring from Surrey Police, his force has confirmed.

DCC Craig Denholm (pictured) will leave the role towards the end of 2014. He was appointed in April last year following the promotion of Andy Marsh to chief constable.

Hampshire Constabulary has now advertised for DCC Denholm’s replacement on its website – the role has a salary of £128,520 and is a five-year fixed-term appointment.

In a letter to prospective candidates in the application pack, CC Marsh said: “I am looking for someone who can work alongside me to lead an exciting and challenging phase of change while maintaining and building upon the excellent services and public confidence for which Hampshire has such a strong reputation.”

The selection process for the shortlisted officers is due to take place on August 28.

DCC Denholm, who is retiring after 32 years of service, had hit the headlines shortly before his Hampshire appointment following an Independent...

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Police: Fracking Myths and the political lies that result.

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

There are four main myths associated with Fracking

1. Fracking is over 60 years old and has been conducted without any real problems

2. Use of multi-well pads and clusters reduces surface impact

3. Fluid migration (leaking wells) is rare

4. Natural Gas is a clean fossil fuel (This one was used by the Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP our new Energy Minister on BBC this morning.

Number one is a lie. Drilling has been around a long time but the technology that allows fracking has not been around for more that 15 years, some of it less than six. This is the difference between Conventional and Unconventional drilling. Without these “new” innovations fracking would be technically and financially inadvisable if not impossible.

Firstly directional drilling is where you drill down directly to where you think gas and oil will be found. You drill down only. Fracking requires turning/directional drilling. It is possible to drill for miles after turning the drill. In the USA 1-2 miles horizontally is common, 2-4 miles is...

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