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Police: Battered to death for being a copper

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

PC Neil Doyle, 36, died after an early morning assault on a group of three officers near a city centre nightclub - just weeks before his honeymoon

PC Neil Doyle, 36, died after an early morning assault on a group of three officers near a city centre nightclub – just weeks before his honeymoon”

Detectives investigating the death of off-duty police constable Neil Doyle have arrested a man on suspicion of murder, Merseyside Police said tonight.

The 28-year-old suspect handed himself in to police this evening and is currently being interviewed by detectives, officers said.

Pc Doyle, a 36-year-old beat bobby, was set upon by three men in what his boss described as an unprovoked and vicious attack.

He may have been targeted because of his job.

Badly beaten, he lost consciousness and died in hospital. Two colleagues were also injured in the incident.

Police say it appears the gang of attackers knew their victims were off-duty officers. Sir Jon Murphy, Merseyside’s Chief Constable, said: ‘Constable Doyle was enjoying a Christmas night out with his work colleagues.

‘They were subjected to an apparently unprovoked and vicious attack by a group of males. There is no...

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Police: Police cuts ‘will endanger public’, says Met commissioner

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Public safety will be at risk unless radical measures are taken to deal with funding cuts, Britain’s most senior policeman has warned.

Met Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said forces were facing “years of more austerity and shrinking budgets”, whoever is in power.

He said police forces in England and Wales should merge and share resources with other emergency services.

The prime minister’s spokesman said the current structure was the right one.

Writing in the Guardian, the Scotland Yard commissioner said that unless police and other public services across England and Wales “act fast” and with “courage” to implement far-reaching reforms, the cuts would endanger public safety.

He said local authorities, criminal justice agencies and the police should share support services – and all but core policing functions should be opened up to competition.

He said in urban areas like London police should link more closely with ambulance, fire and other services.


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Police: Budget cuts ‘are a positive thing’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Before you read the article and start fuming (like I did!) please read this -

Andy – 1 hour ago
Thanks Police Oracle! Budget cuts are not a positive thing – we have no desire to reduce staff and services! What I stressed was that there is no point moaning about what we haven’t got we need to focus on what we can do with the money we have. When forced into reducing budgets you have to be innovative otherwise you will just reduce service, you have to fundamentally redesign the way you deliver policing – this has led to some positive changes. But no one in their right mind would wish for a budget cut! In Warwickshire we have been one of the hardest hit by the austerity measures, we have lost good staff and the spectre of further cuts hangs over our workforce, so budget cuts are not positive and the headline on this article is misleading. Andy Parker

That was a response to the article by CC Andy Parker. I guess even Police Oracle feel the need to “spice up headlines” If the other responses are...

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Police: Half of crime commissioners are accused of misconduct: Parliamentary committee set to investigate allegations against 23 of the 41 elected officials

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

More than half of police and crime commissioners have had misconduct complaints made against them.
The police watchdog has received allegations of wrongdoing against 23 of the 41 officials who were elected in November 2012.
The commissioners replaced police authorities in England and Wales in a bid to make policing more accountable, but as concerns grow over their conduct a parliamentary committee is due to investigate the high level of complaints.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission last night said only six of the 43 complaints had resulted in full investigations.
Yet Keith Vaz, the chairman of the home affairs committee, told the Times newspaper the number of complaints was disappointing, adding: ‘What it shows is that people appear to have lost confidence with the office to such an extent that there is the equivalent of one complaint per police authority.’
The Labour MP said he would write to...

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Police: PC sacked for revealing Andrew Mitchell called officers ‘plebs’ says he’d ‘do it again tomorrow’ because the Tory MP thought he was ‘untouchable’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

A PC sacked for revealing that Andrew Mitchell called Downing Street officers ‘f****** plebs’ has said today he would do it again because the MP believed he was ‘untouchable’.
Whistleblower James Glanville, 47, believes the incident two years ago would have been ‘covered up’ because Scotland Yard is ‘more afraid of upsetting politicians than looking after their own’.
Last week Tory MP Mr Mitchell lost his libel battle for calling police officers ‘f****** plebs’ who should ‘know their place’ because they would not let him through the Downing Street gates on his bike.
Mr Glanville, who leaked details of the row in September 2012, was sacked, racked up £13,000 of debt because of spiralling legal costs and the strain also cost him his marriage.
But the diplomatic protection officer, who served for 23 years and received a bravery award for...

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Police: We told the police about video game predator who murdered Breck – If they’d acted, our son would be in our arms today.

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

The parents of a schoolboy murdered by an internet ‘predator’ insisted last night that he would still be alive today if police had listened to their plea for help.

Breck Bednar, 14, was fatally stabbed in the neck by computer engineer Lewis Daynes who ‘groomed’ him through an internet gaming forum.

Yet two months earlier, Breck’s mother Lorin LaFave detailed all her concerns about Daynes to Surrey Police in a 30-minute phone call. Tragically, she wasn’t taken seriously.

‘No one bothered to call me back, which was unforgivable,’ she said. ‘I gave them Daynes’s full name, the fact that he lived in Essex, but they did nothing. If they had acted on my information I have no doubt that this would not have happened.’

According to Surrey Police’s own procedures, the phone call should have triggered an investigation to identify whether there was any ‘immediate or critical risk’.

If none is established...

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Police: Mentally ill teenager held in police cell found care

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

A teenage girl with mental health problems who was kept in police cells for two days because of a lack of care beds has been found a place to stay.

Concerns for her welfare were raised by Paul Netherton, assistant chief constable at Devon and Cornwall Police.

He spoke out on Twitter on behalf of the girl, who had been held in a cell since Thursday because, he said, no beds were available anywhere in the UK.

NHS England said the 16-year-old would be moved on Saturday night.

A spokesman said: “After details were provided to NHS England about the girl and her condition, a place was found locally within a few hours.

“We are grateful for the help of the NHS in the area in identifying the place.

“It is worth noting that mental health crisis services have been expanding so that the number of people ending up in police cells is in fact down – but clearly more needs to be done.”


Earlier on Twitter, Mr Netherton had described the situation as “unacceptable”.

He tweeted: “We have a...

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Police: Seven Metropolitan Police officers arrested after stag party brawl in Lithuanian capital

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Seven Metropolitan Police officers were arrested while on one of the men’s stag party in Vilnius, Lithuania, after brawling in the street.
The officers, who have not been named, are under investigation after footage of the incident emerged.
Photographs of the men alleged to have been involved with bloodied lips and scruffy clothes were published as it was claimed they were forced to spend £1,000 to be let out of jail.
A spokesman for Metropolitan Police said investigations were underway but that it was too early to say whether the men will face disciplinary action.
Footage obtained by the Sun shows the men being dragged away by Lithuanian authorities outside a nightclub.
A local prosecutor later told the newspaper he granted them bail so they could return to the UK.

It is not known whether the men will face charges yet.
‘I personally gave them bail after they paid 5,000 Lithuanian Lita which is about £1,000,’ said Marius Zupkauskas.
‘If we decide to charge them...

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Police: Andrew Mitchell ‘probably called police plebs’, judge rules

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Ex-chief whip Andrew Mitchell probably did call police officers “plebs”, a judge has said as he ruled against the Tory MP in a High Court libel action.

Mr Justice Mitting described Mr Mitchell’s behaviour as “childish” and said he found the MP’s version of events inconsistent with CCTV footage of the row in Downing Street in 2012.

Mr Mitchell, who may face costs of £2m, said he was “bitterly disappointed”.

The officer involved, PC Toby Rowland, said he hoped a “line can be drawn”.

Mr Mitchell sued News Group Newspapers over a story that appeared in the Sun in September 2012 which claimed he called PC Toby Rowland a “pleb”.

Mr Mitchell acknowledged that he had used bad language but maintained he had not used that word.

The altercation took place as Mr Mitchell, who was government chief whip at the time, attempted to leave Downing Street via the main gate on his bicycle.

‘Politically toxic’

Mr Justice Mitting gave his verdict after listening to two weeks...

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Police: IPCC to examine post-prison monitoring of cannibalistic murderer

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Cerys Yemm, who was murdered in an act of cannibalism

The government is to examine whether a man reported to have murdered a woman in an act of cannibalism was properly managed following his release from prison.

Cerys Marie Yemm, 22, died from her injuries at Sirhowy Arms hotel, a homeless hostel in Argoed, Blackwood, south Wales, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Her attacker, Matthew Williams, 34 – who had recently been released from prison – also died at the scene shortly after police Tasered and arrested him.

South Wales police has launched a murder investigation and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) will also probe the incident.

On Sunday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice confirmed a serious further offence review will take place to see if lessons can be learned from the case.

Such reviews are immediately launched if a serious offence is alleged to have happened within 30 days of a person leaving prison or if the person is on licence.

The review will...

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