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Police: East London arsenal one of biggest hauls, say police

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

One of the capital’s biggest gun hauls has been made in east London, the Metropolitan Police have said.

The 30 firearms seized from an address in Leyton include assault rifles, sawn off shotguns and a Thompson machine gun.

A large amount of ammunition was also seized in the raid on Wednesday morning.

Acting Det Supt Gary Bruce said the size of the haul was “exceptional”.

He added: “The danger of these weapons in the wrong hands cannot be overestimated.”

A 51-year-old man was arrested by the Waltham Forest Gangs Task Force and remains in custody, the police said.

The Met said Operation Trident detectives were investigating.

The force said in the past two years shootings in London had been reduced by 40%.

Officers have seized more than 320 firearms since April 2013.

Police: PC Keith Blakelock murder trial: Even family of key witness did not believe him

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

A key prosecution witness at the trial of the man cleared of killing PC Keith Blakelock was not even believed by his family, it can be revealed today.

Prosecutors will face fresh questions over their decision to bring charges against Nicky Jacobs after it emerged that the witness – known only as Q – had a long history of criminality and had received cumulative jail terms of more than a decade.

PC Blakelock was attacked by a mob of up to 20 people during rioting on Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm Estate in October 1985 and was fatally stabbed. Seven men have been put on trial in the intervening three decades but all of them have been cleared.

Prosecutors have defended their decision to put Mr Jacobs on trial for the murder in a case based in large part on the evidence of three witnesses including Q. He had not told police that he had seen the attack until 24 years later.

The three all had extensive criminal backgrounds and two – who came forward in the 1990s – were...

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Police: Police whistleblower confronts Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe during radio phone-in

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

A police whistleblower who resigned after raising concerns about the massaging of crime statistics has confronted the Metropolitan Police Commissioner during a radio phone-in.

PC James Patrick asked Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe during an appearance on LBC whether the force will change the way it deals with whistleblowers after his experience.

He told Britain’s most senior police officer: “I feel very, very let down by the senior levels of the Met and I wanted to take the opportunity to say that. I sincerely hope that people who want to expose wrongdoing in the Met get a less raw deal in the future.”

Mr Patrick will leave the force next month having been threatened with further disciplinary action after a radio interview to discuss the issue of whistleblowing. He had already been given a final written warning, and is appealing against that decision.

Sir Bernard said he would be willing to meet Mr Patrick. When asked whether Scotland Yard will review procedures, he said:...

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Police: On the 30th anniversary of her murder – MI6 agents Yvonne Fletcher suspect ‘under surveillance’ in Libya

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

British agents have put relatives and associates of a suspect in the murder of police officer Yvonne Fletcher – shot dead outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984 – under 24-hour surveillance in Libya, according to a report.

MI6 officers have reportedly been talking to officials in Tripoli about the suspect, a former Libyan official, believed to be in his late 50s, following the downfall of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It is thought he may be hiding in Egypt.

A source close to the investigation told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “This is a very significant development in the inquiry.

“The MI6 officers’ task is to liaise with local people to find the killers of Yvonne Fletcher. The Yard wants it settled and to announce the coup by the end of the year since it has gone on for so long.”

The Foreign Office confirmed that British police had also been to Libya to talk about the case and said developments were...

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Police: Fellow Pensioner Vic Copus sadly died on the 8th April 2014

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Fellow pensioners

The following was received from pensioner Kevin Deanus and circulated by Tony Forward

“I have been informed of the sad passing of Vic John Copus on the 8th April 2014.
Vic served with the Surrey constabulary as a Constable from 1950 to 1980. He was a well known and respected officer who spent a huge amount of time policing his beloved village of Alfold.
His funeral is being held on Wednesday 23rd April at St Nicholas Church in Alfold at 12 noon followed by refreshments at the Alfold Sports and Social Club.
All who knew Vic will be welcome to attend and pay their respects.”

Condolence cards may be sent to his son, Gerald Copus (Address available on request) No charity has been nominated for donations in his memory.

Vic Copus

Vic Copus early 1970 Cranleigh office

Police: NCA weak spot ‘at mercy of criminals’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Compromise must urgently be found for agency to work effectively in Northern Ireland, says secretary-of-state.

Organised criminals will be the winners unless political differences are put aside and the National Crime Agency is rolled out across the whole if the British Isles, it has been claimed.

Delivering a speech in Belfast, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers said that she remained concerned that the new law enforcement body was still being denied the opportunity to operate effectively in the province and this needed to be urgently addressed.

She admitted that she shared the concern of many senior policing professionals that the gap in the Agency’s coverage was being exploited and the “ability to fight despicable crimes weakened”.

Ms Villiers went on to point out it was “deeply regrettable” that wrangling between political parties was preventing the full roll-out of the NCA – despite the Home Office offering flexibility and making it clear that the the chief constable would have...

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Police: Crime statistics ‘are not the final word in policing’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Police and crime commissioners (PCCs) should not have to resort to parading statistics such as crime figures at re-election if their role is properly understood by the public, it has been suggested.

Law enforcement analysts believe the public are likely to become even more sceptical of statistics in the wake of recent controversies and that they should not be the only measure of an elected commissioner’s success.

Analysts suggest that the public will look at the overall approach of commissioners and their engagement with them.

They were speaking after an academic paper suggested commissioners may resort to using numerical targets to bolster their standing in the run up to the next elections.

In her research paper for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Marian Fitzgerald said that PCCs could up the ante for results – and strong statistics – if they stood for a second term.

Professor Fitzgerald, a Visiting Professor of Criminology at the University of Kent, said MPs need to look...

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Police: Family liaison officers ‘at breaking point’

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Family liaison officers have warned they are being stretched to breaking point as cuts to police officer numbers begin to hit this specialist role.

There are some 3,500 family liaison officers (FLOs) in England and Wales, trained to offer immediate support to families during a period of great anxiety and grief, while simultaneously investigating and gathering evidence in often high-profile cases.

But officers carrying out the job have told that cuts to officer numbers are seeing them working off duty in the evenings, at weekends and days off.

A detective constable from a south east force who did not want to be named, said in the four years she has done the job it has become much more stressful.

She said: “The role has changed. When I first started, everything was very textbook. You always had a key family liaison officer on the case and then someone else to assist them and pick up when they weren’t there.

“Now there are not enough of us to do that throughout the...

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Police: Fewer officers volunteering for public order

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

Police Federation lead warns that long hours are taking their toll on the specialist discipline in the wake of HMIC report.

The strains of long working hours on officers are taking their toll on the numbers of personnel volunteering for public order duties, the Police Federation lead on the topic area said.

Rick Nelson said the upshot of years of austerity measures were now having an impact – with some officers reluctant to put themselves forward, particularly among the inspecting ranks.

“One of the problems that we have is the numbers of officers trained in public order,” admitted Mr Nelson. “In particularly, the inspecting ranks have so many responsibilities now.”

The Fed lead was speaking after Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) voiced concerns that some forces were having difficulty in conducting mobilisations of personnel – which could delay the deployment of boots on the ground.

In its report on the Strategic Policing Requirement, it was found that only a third of 18 forces in...

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Police: ‘Internal revolt’ could erupt if Federation ignores reform

Written by RSS Poster Surrey Constabulary Blog

There are warnings that Police Federation members could lash out if review recommendations are not implemented.

An “internal revolt” among Police Federation members could break out if senior leaders fail to implement the recommendations of the Normington review, it has been claimed.

Internal tensions over the pace of change, leadership and the current state of the staff association could spill into the public domain if members of the Joint Central Committee (JCC) ignore the core recommendations of the review according to the report’s architect, Sir David Normington.

Sir David warned that there is a strong appetite for reform, especially amongst the 43 branch boards, and that leaders could face a backlash if they did not acknowledge and act upon it.

Speaking about the implications of the organisation ignoring the recommendations Sir David said: “One possibility is that there is some internal revolt. There is great dissatisfaction and a great movement for reform among members...

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