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Ambulance: Bingo Resilience

Written by RSS Poster StorytellERdoc
Her wary eyes, magnified from her thick-lensed spectacles, watched my every move as I pulled Room 21's curtain to the side and entered her room. In her early eighties, it was apparent to me that my entrance into her life was more important than the abdominal pain that brought her to our Emergency Department. In the corner sat a slight man with wispy gray hair poking out from the border of his baseball cap, his elbows resting on his thighs as he leaned forward in his chair. His wrinkled face and tired appearance made me question if this man was her son or husband.

I returned my gaze to this patient and gave her a smile as I approached her bedside. Her stoic face softened slightly as I watched the corners of her eyes relax. Her mouth's edges lifted slightly into a hesitant return smile. She was on guard.

Arriving to the side of her cot, I extended my hand to introduce myself. "Hello, Ms. Westin. My name is Dr. Jim and I will be taking care of you today while you are in our Emergency Department."

"Hello, Doctor," she replied, barely...

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Ambulance: Letter to NICE on 'preventable' deaths due to acute kidney injury (AKI)

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
Dear NICE I have a simple request relating to your press release: "Around 20 per cent of emergency cases of AKI are preventable which would save around 12,000 lives each year in England." I would like to know how you calculated this figure of 12,000 'preventable' deaths. The best recent research estimates that in total there are only approximately 11,859 preventable deaths per

Ambulance: Wind shift

Written by RSS Poster Xf
It has been more than a year since my last post and there have been many changes.

I have changed, my job has changed and the profession has changed. Its simply not what it used to be.

I am reluctant to write in the open and honest way that I used to; there are too many sensitive people out there. It's too easy to offend and bother, either by accident or by being truthful. The design of this blog was deliberate. I set out to let readers know what I experienced and how I experienced it. The result of this, over the years, has been that a number of individuals have become paramedics after reading and following the words I wrote.

A change in my posting methodology is required; I need to write only that which is relevant and neutral while I am professionally bound to one or the other. This is the way of things these days.

The profession is different too. We are answering emergency calls that can, at best, be described as not in the least life-threatening. Insect bites, toilet-tissue incidents and sore thumbs now, apparently, count as worth our lives and...

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Ambulance: Memories

Written by RSS Poster Trying My Patients
"74 year old male, back pain, feeling dizzy and weak"

I've met 1000's and 1000's of people through my job, some good, some bad, some made me happy, some made me sad. To be honest, as harsh as it sounds, most don't get a second thought. That isn't to say I don't care, but if I take the thoughts and feelings of every job home with me I'd be a jabbering wreck! Doing this job however, it is inevitable some things you see will stay with you forever. It's an unavoidable part of the job. That said, delivery twins is a memory I'm fond of, as is meeting a man whose life I saved, or seeing the child start breathing again who had been choking. These are memories that I will cherish. The flip side, is there are people, faces and events that I can't un-see or forget about. There are people who you share moments with who have a profound effect on you, who stay in your thoughts when you'd rather they wouldn't. 

I was called to this guy with back pain and dizziness. At one point I thought that I'd be cancelled as it wasn't a high priority call, but...

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Ambulance: The Kick Ditch

Written by RSS Poster StorytellERdoc
A moment of reflection...

After finishing an amazing novel, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, I put down my hard-copy and marveled at the power of the written word. This power was most evident by my multiple ear-tagged pages--pages that held expertly chosen words construed into sentences, paragraphs and chapters of brilliancy by this gifted author. Simply put, Mr. Green's eloquence affected my core, constantly leaving me in awe at how he pierced my emotional protective shell with his intimate portrayals and intrusions into the struggling lives of others.

At one point in this book, a main character was sitting on her lawn, staring at her aging swing set, wistfully remembering the innocent beautiful moments of her childhood. Moments that were no more. And with this visual of her swing set, I was suddenly transported back to my own childhood--back to the powder-blue swing set that sat in our family's yard alongside the lilac bushes and sandbox. Back to the rusted swing set with the plastic pony sitting under the mulberry tree at...

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Ambulance: SERV Wessex transfer blood for HIOWAA

Written by RSS Poster Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
SERV Wessex provide an invaluable free service to HIOWAA by transferring blood...

Ambulance: Books galore!

Written by RSS Poster Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
Our temporary Charity Shop in Whitchurch has books galore! Thank you to...

Ambulance: HIOWAA 1920′s Spring Ball

Written by RSS Poster Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance would like to invite you...


Written by RSS Poster Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
In keeping with our commitment to provide a path of continuous development,...

Ambulance: We Fly our 5000th Mission

Written by RSS Poster Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance

This week, we undertook our 5,000th mission since we began operations on 1st July 2007. To mark the milestone, members our crew gathered together with our Charity Patron Mrs Ailsa Montagu, Chairman Tony Nicholson and Chief Executive John Perry for a photo shoot on the Helipad at Southampton General Hospital. The significant achievement coincides with the appointment of Dr David Sutton to the newly created role of Clinical Governance Lead, underlining our commitment to further investment in delivering clinical excellence across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Charity Patron, Mrs Ailsa Montagu commented ‘As Patron of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, I have seen outstanding progress within such a young charity, and this milestone is another remarkable achievement. I am very proud to be Patron of such a talented and dedicated team of professionals who provide this life saving service to the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.’

Our 5,000th mission was a PPCI (Primary...

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