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Ambulance: Guest article - the real motives behind Shape?

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
I’d be careful not to go off on the tangents about the sadistic medical narcissists of the 1970s or to blame “The Trendy Educationalists” for these policies. This is driven, top-down, by the government, hence the involvement of lay folk (plus a few of the usual suspect Quisling collaborators from the ranks of the medical politicians). It is driven by the interests of the corporates, who have the

Ambulance: The Shape of Training - first do no harm Prof Reid?

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
  I have been doing a fair bit of thinking about medical training reform in recent days, things appear to steaming ahead at full speed despite a rather large number of valid concerns that remain totally unaddressed by those pushing Shape through.  I stumbled upon an interview with HEE chief Wendy Reid and it is worth reading. I think this brief interview succinctly demonstrates a number of

Ambulance: Contact your MP to protest against cuts to medical training........

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
The Shape of Training is a review of doctor training that is currently being forced through despite many significant safety concerns being expressed by the majority of doctors' professional bodies.  If you want your doctors to be trained properly then it is essential that you take the time to write to your MP to express your opinion on this matter, below is a template letter you may use:

Ambulance: Write to your Royal College or Trainee Organisation

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
Here is a letter template that I have crafted for anyone to send to their Royal College or trainee organisation.  If you agree that Shape takes medical training in the wrong direction, please take the time to do this, we must hold these organisations to account and tell them what we think. Every little really does help. "Dear <INSERT HERE> I am writing regarding the ‘Shape of Training’

Ambulance: The Shape of Training - the Key Issues

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
I am sure many of you are aware of the small details of the Shape of Training (ShoT) review, however many of you probably are not, therefore I though I would write a brief piece to summarise the key issues in training, how the review has gone about their business and the many issues that have been left completely unanswered. Firstly medical training was subject to huge structural reform less

Ambulance: I Know What Disorder Your Medication Did Last Summer!

Written by RSS Poster Minimedic's Blog

“Any other health history?”


*looks through pile of papers*

*sees “lithium carbonate” listed under medications*

Erm, rusty field medic might be rusty, but I’m pretty sure this patient’s hiding something here…

Ambulance: My Life Likes To Kick My Ass and Hand It Back To Me

Written by RSS Poster Minimedic's Blog


Mix in the fact that this is an accelerated course and my ever-present paranoia that I’m one step away from killing someone as a student, and outside social and family issues…

…and it’s no wonder that I had “the talk” with my primary care doctor about going back on seratraline aka Zoloft. After about a month, I’m soooo much calmer and clear-headed, and most of the nastier side effects have subsided.

So yeah, still around. Just trying to keep my ducks all in a row.

However, my return to squad-based EMS is going well. Still haven’t thought of a clever name for the organization…meh, I’m sure it’ll come back to me.

Weekly updates, self. Weekly updates.

Ambulance: Health Education England, Fiona Patterson and Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
  I got a bit distracted this morning when I started reading HEE's latest idea on medical selection called 'valued based recruitment' (VBR).  Here is HEE's long and shiny briefing on VBR.  I was particularly interested to read their evidence summary section in which it is stated:   "Situational Judgement Tests: high reliability and high validity"   (high validity in context of 'only if

Ambulance: Perhaps It's Just Me

Written by RSS Poster InsomniacMedic
"Is it really possible to have a career in EMS and be emotionally unaffected by the things we see?"

This is the question I posed on Twitter a few days ago. Many seemed to think that it's an impossible task, that, after all, we're human too. However, there were some who seemed to think it possible. To work through a career and remain untouched. Unharmed.

It seems I have joined an ambulance service where macho-ism, for all its pros and cons,  appears paramount, or at the very least, a lot more visible. Whereas in my previous place of work the male-female ratio was split almost straight down the middle, my new place of work is staffed mainly by males. Perhaps that lends itself to a culture of bravado. Perhaps having more females around allows for everyone to be braver with their emotions, whereas having fewer means that those left must be impressed. Perhaps I'm imagining it or over-analysing it. Or perhaps, as I'm beginning to suspect, it's just me.

Other thoughts have taken root. Paramedic burnout seems faster here. Turnaround...

This ambulance blog continues,

Ambulance: Thoughts on Ebola

Written by RSS Poster Medic ScribeMedic Scribe

Working at the hospital and on the ambulance, it has been heavy duty Ebola lately. Memos, flyers, posters, policies, and lots of questions. I have even, along with two of my daughters, played an Ebola patient in a hospital drill.

photo (50)

I have written power points, given talks and had many conversations on Ebola. Every day I read the CDC site for updates, which are numerous. Ebola hasn’t been with us long, but already I am hearing a lot of people have Ebola fatigue. While the actual number of cases in the US is likely to remain small – at least in the near term — we likely haven’t heard anywhere near the last of Ebola.

Ebola is like a serial killer assassin who we believe is coming here to do some killing. We are not certain his target, but we believe, based on his rap sheet, he will most likely come after health care workers. We have set up roadblocks at airports, the most likely place Ebola is going to enter the country. We are quarantining people who are coming from in West Africa. In some states like...

This ambulance blog continues,

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