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Ambulance: DH miss the point and fail to apologise for breach of confidentiality

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
This is the full response I have received from the DH: "Our ref: DE00000948527    Dear Mr Dean,   Thank you for your recent correspondence to the Department of Health about the image used in a tweet posted on 17 July.  I have been asked to reply.The Department has looked carefully at this matter and what took place was an entirely unintentional mistake.  The Secretary of State for Health’s

Ambulance: Back On The Road

Written by RSS Poster InsomniacMedic
My last post on here, some nine months ago, reads now as both a warning and a reminder. I was
warning myself, not aware enough at the time that the elephant in the room that I'm ignoring was precisely the thing that should have been uppermost on my mind. It took a couple more months and one critical incident to finally make me heed that warning. Although when I did, it was through necessity, not choice.

The fog floated across the highway, a surprise, unwelcome visitor on what had begun as a clear winter's morning. We were heading back to the station after the first call of the day, a patient with the body of the ninety year old she was, but a mind still that of a teenager. She spent the entire journey to hospital warning us never to get old, because "Your legs will want to dance, but you brain will tell them they can't even stand." We were still discussing her presence of mind and praying for the same level of sanity at that age, when our thoughts were shattered by a call from the control room.

"Find the first place you can to...

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Ambulance: Jeremy Hunt tweets photo with in-patient names clearly visible

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
  Jeremy Hunt is not having a great day and my heart bleeds.  Having attacked and denigrated NHS staff as he continues his campaign of destroying the NHS as a publicly delivered service, poor Jeremy made the error of tweeting a photo of himself posing within a hospital ward with hospital staff. Unfortunately for Jeremy he tweeted this photo and contained within was a board listing all the

Ambulance: What a Difference A Day Makes

Written by RSS Poster

What a Difference a day makes.

On the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings,

In the Commons, MPs paid tribute to the actions of NHS workers and members of the emergency services in the wake of the bombings.
Speaking during health questions in the chamber, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham described the actions of NHS staff on the day as “heroic”.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt praised the “extraordinary bravery” of the emergency services.

And then one day later

Public sector workers, including civil servants, teachers, nurses, police officers and members of the armed forces, face another four-year pay freeze as a result of today’s budget.

Ambulance: Thoughts on 10 years later

Written by RSS Poster

There is a reason why I tend to keep off the internet when the 7/7 bombings anniversary rolls around, it’s not because of any traumatic memories (I did nothing more than turn up to cover my colleagues who dealt with it all, while I had one ‘Maternataxi’ job).

My thoughts on the days around it can be found here

What makes me angry is that on the anniversary there is a big hoo-ha about how ‘London stood as one’, with no hate but just a determination to keep on living and muddling along as we did before the bombing.

And it’s true – we did.

But then the media realised that they would sell more papers, get more eyeballs, and have a bigger influence by villifying muslims. By causing hatred and fear. And now we end up with groups like the EDL and ‘Britain First’. Two organisations that came into being based on the lies that the media has spun.

So something that should have unified us has, instead, just divided us. And it seems it’s going to continue that way – all for the benefit of media mogals and shareholders.

Ambulance: GMC consultations - please respond!

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
Here is my response to the GMC consultations on 'credentialing' and 'generic professional capabilites':   "Dear GMC As regards the two consultations: Firstly as regards credentialing, the whole premise behind your goals is flawed.  There is no proven benefit to introducing credentialing.  It simply cannot be assumed that introducing credentialing will enhance regulation and protect

Ambulance: GMC spend on media relations

Written by RSS Poster Garth Marenghi
"The GMC Media Team   The Media Team work with colleagues across the organisation to promote the work of the GMC; and they have direct relationships with a variety of journalists, from both national organisations and specialist publications.   There are 4 different roles within this team and the staff resources have been allocated as follows:   ·         Head of Media Relations (London

Ambulance: If Only People Knew

Written by RSS Poster ambcontrol999

If only people knew
How much things have changed
How demand surpasses resource
It will never be the same again

If only people knew
The type of calls we take
People who really need us
And calls that are a mistake

If only people knew
That to call 999
Is a life or death scenario
Not due to too much wine

If only people knew
How many times we hear
‘My mate is ill & vomiting
They’ve drunk shit loads of beer’

If only people knew
That cuts and grazes aren’t for us
Make you own way to hospital
Take a taxi or the bus

If only people knew
How precious Ambulances are
Mobile intensive care units
Not replacements for your car

If only people knew
That the NHS cannot cope
With this growing demand & pressure
Someone throw us a rope

If only people knew
That our road staff are shattered
Job to job late breaks late finishes
Leaves them in tatters

If only people knew
How it feels to sit and see
Calls stack up on control room screens
That’s not the life for me

If only people knew
What it’s like to make the call
To divert a crew from a chest pains
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Ambulance: Patient Follow-up

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe » Medic Scribe

One of the greatest shames in EMS is that we so often never find out what the real deal was with our patients.

17 year old boy whose parents swear he never does drugs (but did go to a concert last night) is found in his room the next day talking gibberish, reaching for objects that are not there, with poor gait, and a heart rate of 170.

67 year old female feeling weak with sudden blurry vision in one eye and in a new onset atrial fibrillation also at 170, that slows down quite nicely with cardizem.

37 year old man who fell off a ladder and is complaining of excruciating pain in his back.

I can guess that first patient was on a hallucinogenic cocktail with dust on the side, and that the second was having a stroke, and that the third fractured some vertebrae, but I don’t know for sure.

Nor do I know about any of the I wouldn’t have had a clue outcomes for patients for who I never suspected a bizarre finding.

Sure, I can bring in a cardiac arrest with ROSC in the field, and ask the EMS coordinator or a nurse or...

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Ambulance: Paramedic Students

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe » Medic Scribe

I remember when I was an EMT student doing my hospital observation time and watching the paramedics come into the hospital with their patients.  How confident they seemed.  I marveled at the ease with which they moved through this strange new world.  I held them in awe as I did the paramedics I later rode with during my paramedic ride time.  They knew the secrets I wanted to know, they had succeeded in the world to which I aspired.  I wanted to see what they had seen, to be able to able to handle what they could handle, to stand ten feet tall in the midst of the shit, to have my own swager.  They were mythic characters to me, and I wanted to be worthy of them.

I write this now after rereading Lights and Sirens, Kevin Grange’s new memoir about going through UCLA’s paramedic school and doing his ride time on the streets of Los Angeles.  It has been so long that I was in EMT class, and then several years later paramedic school that I have forgotten the stress, and forgotten the perspective of the new man...

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