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Dave Squires
Editor's Note: Weston-super-Mare is a town located on Bistol Channel in North Somerset, England. You editor found the following story on the fire brigade's website. It's an inspiring tale about a local fire buff named Dave Squires.

Dave Squires first appeared outside the ‘Station’ in June 1983 (then aged 29 Years). He would walk up and down, looking at the Fire Station but would suddenly disappear and return another day. The Firemen then had no knowledge that Dave was un-employed and had Learning Difficulties. After several weeks Jack Bell went out and invited Dave in.

Dave appeared to be very nervous and shy but was shown around the Appliance Room before he made an excuse that he had to go home, and he was gone.

Dave, however, continued to visit the Station and the Firemen of White Watch warmed to this visitor.

Dave appeared to have little confidence and it took some persuasion on the part of White Watch to get him to join them for a cup of tea in the Mess Room on the 1st Floor. Whilst in the Mess Room there was ...

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Fire: TICK, TOCK, TEST your smoke alarm before it's too late.

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
Test your smoke alarm this clock change weekend. As part of the government's Fire Kills campaign, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging people to test their smoke alarms when the clocks change on 25/26 October. Last year (January - December 2013) crews from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service responded to 730 dwelling fires and found that 137 homes did not have any working smoke alarms. This means that the occupants would not have had the early warning to wake them if the fire had happened during the night when they were asleep. Smoke alarms save lives, but only if they are fitted correctly and work. They really do mean the difference between life and death. In March 2014, nearly one in seven people tested their smoke alarms when they changed their clocks to British Summer Time. This autumn, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service is determined that even more people will keep their loved ones safer from fire by testing their smoke alarms. Everyone can join...

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Fire: Fake firework scars boy for life

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
A school boy who is lucky to be alive after a prank with a firework went drastically wrong is backing Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue's bonfire safety campaign. Dylan Cosgrove 15, from Blackfell, Washington was at home with his girlfriend Erin Easton on the evening of Wednesday 8 October when he lit a firework in his right hand. Dylan said: “I had been telling Erin I had bought some fireworks so I got one out of the box to show her. I didn't intend to set it off, I just wanted to light it and put it out for a laugh. I quickly realised the fuse wouldn't go out and I was in a blind panic and didn't know what to do. I even put it to my mouth to put it out. This was crazy when I think about what could have happened if it had exploded in my face, but I was desperate to stop it going off. I was frightened for my girlfriend and I didn't want to start a fire in my bedroom. “As I watched the fuse quickly disappear I ran to the other side of the room to protect my girlfriend from the explosion. I remember...

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Fire: Executive Council interim statement – 23 October 2014 DCLG pension discussions

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

This statement is issued to update FBU members on the latest discussions with Penny Mordaunt, DCLG Fire Minister.

It is issued simply so that members are made aware of developments at the earliest opportunity. The Executive Council is still in session and will be discussing our next steps this afternoon. The outcome of these considerations will be issued as soon as possible.

No revised proposals from DCLG – pension theft continues

The FBU has consistently opposed government attacks on firefighter pensions. We have presented large quantities of professional evidence to demonstrate that the government proposals do not take account of the real operational demands of the firefighter’s occupation and the standards which are required as a result. Despite this opposition we have attempted to negotiate in good faith and have taken up every opportunity to make our case and to seek changes to the government’s proposed and unworkable scheme.

Following strike action in...

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Fire: Teenager Who Received Burns To His Face From Street Bonfire Backs Safety Messages

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
A teenager who received burns to his face when an aerosol can thrown onto a street bonfire exploded is highlighting safety messages following his ordeal.

Fire: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service recognised as apprenticeship trailblazer

Written by RSS Poster News

GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has been congratulated by the government for its role in developing top-quality apprenticeships that help young people have a better future. 

The Service has been running its government apprentice scheme in conjunction with local colleges since October 2012, and has seen a number of young people go on to find employment as a result of the scheme, including some with GMFRS. 

GMFRS’ partnership with Manchester College started in November 2013, when the college was successful in its bid to deliver the Service’s tailor-made apprenticeship programme. 

The college worked with the Service to develop the apprenticeships and create training programmes which were relevant to GMFRS’ specific needs and directly related to the jobs available – that included Business Safety Advisors and Community Safety Advisors. 

Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “We are proud to be able to...

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Fire: All members circular: NJC/06/14 – PAY, TERMS AND CONDITIONS; NJC/07/14 – ANNUAL REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT CHAIR 2013 – 2014

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

Dear Brother / Sister



The first (NJC/06/14) reports the agreement of the NJC to establish five workstreams which are outlined in the circular.  The workstreams have been established to implement the agreement made in June as part of this pay agreement.  The discussions will be held on a “without prejudice” basis, i.e. neither side will be committing to change by entering into the dialogue on the workstreams, and recognises that both sides have different objectives and outcomes in mind.  For the Union, this includes the critical issue of pay.

The circular contains details of the timelines and processes that have been agreed.  Members will be kept informed of developments in due course.

The second circular (NJC/07/14), is in respect of the Annual Report of the NJC and MMNB Independent...

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Fire: Test Smoke Alarms When You Put Your Clocks Back

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
Residents in Merseyside are urged to test their smoke alarms when they put their clocks back at the weekend.

Fire: GMFRS adds three awards to its collection

Written by RSS Poster News

THE variety of work carried out across Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has been celebrated with the announcement of three different awards in a week!

The Service has scooped accolades for its work with young people, sustainability and leadership achievements.

Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “The variety of the awards won shows just a snapshot of the fantastic work that goes on across the Service – things that members of the public often don’t even realise we are involved with.

“I am very proud of everyone at the Service who work so hard keeping Greater Manchester safe and supporting the community.”

GMFRS’ innovative Progression Pathway was named ‘Project of the Year’ at Fire Magazine’s inaugural Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards 2014, which celebrated innovative working practices, initiatives, partnerships and technology. 

The project provides a range of opportunities to inspire young people and help to create better...

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Fire: Statement on Kobane and the resistance to ISIS

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

The FBU Executive Council is appalled by the ongoing siege of the predominantly Kurdish town of Kobane in northern Syria by ISIS forces.

The Executive Council notes:

  • The ISIS attack on Kobane and resistance of Kurdish and other local forces.
  • The role of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE (all UK/US allies) in building, assisting and encouraging the growth of ISIS.
  • The particular role of the Turkish government in allowing money, arms and fighters across the border to build support for ISIS.
  • The role of Turkey at various times in obstructing the flight of Kurdish and other refugees and in blocking any support for predominantly Kurdish defenders of Kobane, thereby increasing the power and influence of ISIS and likelihood of collapse of opposition to it.

As the union of firefighting humanitarian professionals, we believe it is right to warn of the prospects of a massacre and to demand that governments (including the UK government) act to prevent atrocities. As professionals who have to deal with...

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