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Police: Force Challenges Inaccurate Media Reporting

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable, Colette Paul has today written to The Guardian newspaper and the BBC requesting that inaccuracies around their reporting be corrected. This comes after The Guardian published an article on Monday 26 January and BBC ran a news piece yesterday, referring to the case of a Mr Julian Cole, a young man who sustained life-changing injuries outside a Bedford nightclub in 2013.

The Chief Constable said: “As the national lead for policing communications, I place huge value on having an honest and transparent relationship with the media. It concerns me, however, when I see inaccurate reporting as this compromises both the relationship between police and the press; as well as the relationship with our public. Furthermore, it can have prejudicial implications when it comes to trials which can compromise the ability for victims to secure justice.

“The recent media coverage has strongly suggested that officers are culpable for Mr Cole’s injuries. An investigation...

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Police: Man jailed for possession of sub-machine gun and ammunition

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News
L234-14 Seized sub-machine gun L234-14 Arjuna Pookraj


A man from Penge has been jailed after a sub-machine gun was found when his address was searched by police.

[A] Arjuna Pookraj, 28 (26.2.86) of Mosslea Road, Penge SE20, was jailed for five years at the Inner London Crown Court on Monday 26 January, after previously pleading guilty to possession of prohibited firearm, possession of prohibited ammunition, possession of a firearm without a certificate and possession of cannabis.

Officers from Lambeth police recovered the Scorpion sub-machine gun, a magazine of ammunition and a silencer during the search of Pookraj’s address at approximately 21:40hrs on 16 September.

The address was searched after officers, from the Lambeth Central Cluster Safer Neighbourhood Team, on routine patrol in Electric Lane, Brixton at 16:55hrs passed a parked car with three men in it which smelt strongly of cannabis. Officers searched the men and recovered a quantity of cannabis, a number of bank cards (believed stolen) and approximately...

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Police: Two sentenced for armed robbery today at Inner London Crown Court

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News
R143-2014GUN Daniel John Pierce Charlie Ricketts

Two men have been jailed today, Wednesday 28 January, for more than 12 years, after they committed two armed robberies in Bexley last year.

Daniel John Pierce, 20 (14.03.1994), of Granville Road, Sidcup, was sentenced to serve a total of seven years, three months’ imprisonment for two robberies, possession of an imitation firearm and shoplifting offences.

Charlie Ricketts, 19 (01.08.1995), of Downham Way, Bromley was sentenced to serve a total of five years, six months’ imprisonment for two robberies, possession of an imitation firearm and possession of a bladed article.

Both were sentenced at the Inner London Crown Court.

The pair was arrested on 10 July, 2014 by detectives from the Met’s Flying Squad after they linked them to armed robberies at a bookmakers and a bank in Bexley.

The first incident happened on 27 March, 2014, when two suspects robbed Lloyds bank in Nuxley Road, Belvedere. The suspects entered the bank at around 16:00hrs. One stood watch...

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Police: Man fined for keeping dogs in appalling conditions

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News
C074-15 State of kitchen - Copy CO74-15 Dog in cage - Copy CO74-15 Phoebe 5 weeks later - Copy CO74-15 Rotten floor 2 CO74-15 Stairs

A man who kept over 30 dogs in filthy, squalid conditions in one part of a £4 million home in Holland Park whilst running a bed and breakfast in the other has been found guilty of animal cruelty.

Today, Wednesday 28 January, Robert McElhill, 27 years-old, (06/06/1987) of Holland Park Avenue was convicted at City of London Magistrates Court of six counts of cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 and has been banned from owning dogs for 10 years.

On Thursday 5 June 2014 Met officers from the Status Dog Unit and the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea supported by the Met’s Volunteer Canine Welfare Officer, attended the address in Holland Park following reports of lots of dogs, including banned breeds, being housed there.

When officers entered the family’s living quarters on the ground floor and basement they were instantly struck by the very strong smell of urine and faeces. During the course of their search officers recovered a total of 33 dogs, seven of which were...

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Police: Jail for man who beheaded his wife

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A man who decapitated his wife in a brutal attack has been jailed for life at the Old Bailey today Wednesday, 28 January.

Naveed Ahmed, 41, (14.04.73), admitted killing the mother of their two young children Tahira, 38 (29.03.76) following the assault on 27 May, 2014.

He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey on Monday, 19 January.

Police were called to the family home in Merton Avenue, Northolt at approximately 19:45hrs following reports of a disturbance.

London Ambulance Service were called to the scene but Mrs Ahmed was pronounced dead soon after.

Ahmed was arrested after fleeing the house and was stopped by officers in nearby Pilgrims Close.

They noticed he had blood stains on his coat and was sweating heavily. He was arrested immediately.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Mrs Ahmed received multiple injuries in the attack. The cause of death was determined as head and neck injuries.

Ahmed was charged with the murder of his wife of 16 years on 19 June. He initially pleaded not guilty in October...

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Police: A man is in a critical condition following a collision in Manchester city centre.

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News
IMG_0319 IMG_0328

A man is in a critical condition following a collision in Manchester city centre.

At around 8.40am on Wednesday 28 January 2015, a lorry was driving along Portland Street in the direction of Piccadilly and Newton Street, when there was a collision with an 18-year-old man.

He suffered a significant head injury and is fighting for his life in hospital.

No arrests have been made and the road was closed for around four hours.

Anyone with information should phone the Serious Collision Investigation Unit on  0161 856 4745.

Police: Man Sentenced After He Was Found To Have Killed His Wife In Malvern

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Francis Brian O’Neill, 78, of Eston Avenue, Malvern was sentenced on Monday 26th Jan  after being found to have killed his wife by a jury in November 2014.

Judge Juckes imposed a hospital order under section 37 of the Mental Health Act at Worcester Crown Court, with further restrictions for public safety under section 41, should his release ever be considered.

Mr O’Neill was deemed unfit to plead to a charge of murder or stand trial at the end of last year due to a diagnosis of moderate to severe dementia.  He was subsequently tried under the Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act 1964 and was found to have killed his wife, Monica O’Neill, by a special verdict.

Monica was killed at her home in Malvern on 20th January 2014 anda post mortem recorded her death was caused by extensive injuries to her head and body.

At 11.45pm on the night of Monica’s death Mr O’Neill approached neighbours at their home, appearing confused, and ask them to help him call 999....

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Police: CPS and police focus on consent at first joint National Rape Conference

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Police and prosecutors have today [Wednesday, 28 January 2015] been given the clearest instructions yet on assessing the vital issue of consent in rape cases.

For the first time, toolkits will spell out situations where a potential victim may have been unable to consent due to incapacity through drink or drugs, for example, or where consent could not reasonably be considered to have been given freely due to the unequal relationship of the parties involved. For example, if the suspect held a position of power over the potential victim – as a teacher, an employer, a doctor or a fellow gang member.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: “For too long society has blamed rape victims for confusing the issue of consent – by drinking or dressing provocatively for example – but it is not they who are confused, it is society itself and we must challenge that. Consent to sexual activity is not a grey area – in law it is clearly defined and must...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

A recent sitting was in the breach court. I find the prosecution at my court to be of a good  standard notwithstanding errors and omissions owing to the mal functioning in the back office and the apparent inability of reduced staff numbers to cope with their workload.  All evidence seems to be available with the only chink in the armour a reliance on computer print outs of the chronology of the case; print outs which sometimes raise more questions than answers. It has been admitted in open court more than once that the reliance on...

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Police: Staff security, WMP2020 and doing the right thing

Written by RSS Poster DCC Dave Thompson

An awful lot has been going on since I last wrote a blog.

Firstly, the dreadful attacks in Paris and the subsequent security alert. The Command Team and I are very conscious of the concern this has raised with you and your families. We have been actively reviewing our response and comparing it with other forces across the country.

A Gold Group is operating under ACC Marcus Beale in order to ensure we are taking appropriate and proportionate steps. A great many of you have viewed the Staff Security site on the intranet where we have consolidated all our security advice and the steps we are taking. Can I recommend this to you all. In the current climate it is very likely this threat level may persist for a very long period and it is vital that you and we as an organisation keep these prudent security measures in place and others as they become necessary.

Please be assured ACC Beale is reviewing our position constantly against the threat picture and intelligence so we can take the right steps to...

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