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Police: Alert: You’ve been summoned to court scam emails

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

Fraudsters are sending out a wave of scam emails purporting to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that claim you have to appear in court. 

We have received several reports from concerned members of the public who have received the email entitled “You’ve been witness summoned to court”. 

The email entices people to click on a link to view their start time/case details. This link is likely to lead to malware.

This email has no connection to the CPS and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click any links and report it to us

The CPS is aware and has said that they “never email witnesses in order to summons them to court”. 

In August 2016, there were a total of 14,883 phishing reports submitted to us, which is an increase of nearly 135% compared to August 2015. Follow our advice to avoid falling victim

To report a fraud and cyber crime and receive a police crime reference number, call us on 0300 123 2040 or use our online fraud reporting tool.

Sign up for free to Action Fraud Alert to receive direct, verified, accurate information about scams and fraud in your area by email, recorded voice and text message.


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
A blog which has been around for as long as I have or longer; The Defence Brief, has today published information which should be read by all who are interested in the criminal law and the attempts to diminish rights of the individual within that context.


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

There are some factors in the ladder of life that hit home only when one reaches the upper rungs. One of the most telling is the apparent shrinkage of the human bladder. In common with many of my generation I have found that when one is away from home and notices the proximity of an apparently clean and well ordered public lavatory one makes use of the facility whether or not in urgent need. Most J.P.s have adjudicated on cases involving this ultimate human requirement to urinate in inappropriate places. Rarely in my experience have offenders been of the retired variety: more often than not they have been of the young and inebriated variety. They can be summonsed on a variety of charges and sometimes one can but feel the utmost sympathy for such individuals…….there but for the grace of god go I. The provision of town or city centre facilities when the pubs close is variable to say the least as are the obviously unpleasant results of such variability.

Chester City Management are trying to civilise the...

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Police: Police Now – What Have We Learnt?

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

There has been a huge amount of discussion over the last couple of weeks about Police Now, some good, some bad, some supportive, some most definitely not.

I had queries about their ‘charitable’ registration, in particular the references to the Armed Forces, and being for the benefit of ‘Mankind’.  I have received reassurances that these are just generic ‘drop down box’ choices, predermined by the Charity Commission

@Alanw47 @MPS_n_P in fairness that’s a category defined by CC, but… Still funny.

— Dissident Girl (@DissidentGirl) October 23, 2016

We have learnt a little more about how the charity is a ‘safe’ option

@MPS_n_P@InspGadgetBlogs@Alanw47 the charitable co is ltd by guarantee so nobody can or does own it, dirs can only manage it as trustees

— Dissident Girl (@DissidentGirl) October 23, 2016

We have been reassured about any possible conflict of interests arising from the appointment of certain trustees

@MPS_n_P @InspGadgetBlogs @Alanw47 as for...

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Police: Alert: Fake WhatsApp messages from Sainsbury’s and Topshop

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

Fraudsters are sending out fake Sainsbury’s and Topshop voucher deals through WhatsApp that appear to have been sent by a trusted contact. 

The fake WhatsApp messages appear as if they have been sent by someone in your contacts – such as a friend or family member.

However the recipient name is actually fake and is designed to trick you into clicking on the URL to claim the alleged Sainsbury's or Topshop voucher.

One example message reads: "Hey have you heard about this? Sainsbury's is giving away £100 gift cards (with a convincing looking link to a fake website). They are expanding their store network and they launched this promotion. Grab a gift card while it lasts. I got mine already”.

If you click on the convincing looking URL you will be taken to a fake website designed to trick you into handing over personal information.

According to security researchers, once you click on the malicious link fraudsters also collect personal information from your device by installing...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Yesterday I posted on proposed new sentencing guidelines on breach of court orders and in particular breach occurring whilst an offender is under a suspended sentence order.  My conclusion was that the greatly increased minutia of the sentencing structure has allowed sentencing per se to have become almost a tick box exercise, such a philosophy having supposedly been considered and rejected when Sentencing Guidelines was first published.  With a lay bench of three magistrates there is always the possibility of a single voice suggesting a variation from the guidelines when there is sufficient reason to back up such a  proposal.  When a District Judge (MC) is presiding that option is removed.  A recent development is for a single magistrate to sit alone in an office albeit with a legal advisor in simple matters which do not have a possible custodial outcome and are generally strict liability.  My initial comment on that scenario is the difficulty that that J.P. might find if for whatever reason within lawful boundaries...

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Police: Only 35% of people follow latest password advice

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

The latest Government statistics show that only 35% of people in the UK are following Government’s latest advice to use strong passwords made up of three random words.

According to the newly formed National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, one the most important actions people can take to protect themselves from cybercrime is by having a strong password. 

Cybercrime is a growing issue, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics an estimated 2 million cybercrime offences were committed in 2015 and it cost the UK £11 billion last year

A weak password can allow hackers to use email to gain access to all your personal accounts, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.

The Government’s cyber security campaign, Cyber Aware, is urging people and businesses across the UK to #ThinkRandom when it comes to creating strong passwords. 

Using three random words

Using three random words to create a strong password, is the latest advice the NCSC. Numbers and symbols can...

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Police: Money, Money, Money (or private affluence and public squalor)

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
I sat in my crumbling courthouse a couple of months ago, having edged past the permanently-stuck gate on the justices' car park, and made my way up the nearly-new lift to the assembly room. It is a handsome room, built in 1907 but has sadly not seen a lick of paint in the last decade-and-a-half and more.

Everywhere are signs of decay and neglect - but no matter. I understand the desperate need for the government to bring expenditure under control, even if that means denying resources to the public service that I have served unpaid these thirty years. There are still biscuits (amazingly) and most of the lights come on when you press a switch. There is some mysterious  kit that we think might be for use in the new all-electronic courthouse. It still bears the protective film that we see on expensive audio visual stuff to protect it on its long journey from a Chinese sweatshop.

I have recently received an email from setting out the tax that I paid in...

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Police: And Another Thing.......

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
The TV news tonight interviewed various locals who oppose the proposed new runway at Heathrow, some of them in an emotional state. One lady said that she had lived in Harmondsworth for over twenty years - but the airport opened in 1946, since when anyone who cared to elevate their gaze might have deduced that there was an airport across the Bath Road.

Police: Tasteless - Moi?

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
When the current third-runway project was in its first flush of 'yes we can, no we can't' I said something rather tactless to my then Bench Chairman. I grew up near Heathrow (although I knew it as London Airport, but we shall let that pass).

To a Hayes boy, who went to school in Uxbridge, the way to the airport on spotting days went through the unprepossessing suburbs of Sipson and West Drayton. The airport brought great prosperity to the area, but its hinterland remained grim.

My then Chairman lived in Sipson, in a house that had been purchased on generous terms by the airport people, but which stands (as it still does, but for how much longer I cannot say) and is at pretty much the exact point where the airliners' wheels will meet the tarmac, with that puff of blue smoke from the tyres. So in my rather thoughtless way I ventured the opinion that most of West Drayton and Sipson would be improved by a thick layer of ferro-concrete. He sniffed and walked away.

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