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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
An essential part of making a success as a bench chairman is one`s  colleagues having confidence in one`s  being able to control the court. Of course that is taking as a given having the required knowledge both in theory and practice. There are some  making clear their opinion especially on Twitter who consider that Justices of the Peace are under trained and who would prefer to see only professional single judges presiding over the lower court.   I have long held the opinion that just as one cannot consider every M.P. prime ministerial material or even worthy of cabinet membership or every colonel worthy of ascendancy to four star general however proficient his training one cannot train a bench chairman who hasn`t got within him/her the basic round personality to fit the round hole required. Judges by their very position do not require the confidence of their colleagues whilst actually in court. They sit alone and omnipotent unless their failings stimulate higher powers to take more than a passing interest. There...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Here`s a forthcoming trial to exercise the little grey cells of the J.P.s who will be involved. It might also be a guide for others. Without delving into the legal minutiae  of theft it seems to this observer that the law is quite clear; the goods were the property of the supermarket irrespective of what it as the owner decided to do with them.  I suppose it comes down to the tabloids` view of the morality of the whole situation eg the sight of food banks no longer apparently being an unusual situation.  You pays your money, or in this case you don`t, and makes your choice.

Police: Addicted to Violence

Written by RSS Poster policecommander


Society is addicted to it.

In homes. On streets. Outside pubs and clubs on a Friday night. After the football. On TV. In the cinema. On games consoles. On the web. In fact and in fiction.

We pursue it. We portray it. We glamourise it. We normalise it. We show it in slow motion replay. And we present it as entertainment.

I’m not about to come over all ‘Mary Whitehouse’ on you, but I am troubled by the consequences of it all.

Roll up, roll up for:

  • The serial killings
  • The gang rapes
  • The extremist executions
  • The teenage stabbings
  • The 24-hour news loops with scenes of atrocity playing on repeat

Is it any wonder that some of us are becoming desensitised; that some of us are losing the capacity to be shocked; that some of our young people in particular have lost sight of the consequences of their very real acts of violence; that some of us fail to give the most recent manifestation of terror anything more than a passing glance.


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

 Imprisonment of single mother over council tax debt unlawful – High Court

This is required reading for every magistrate and legal advisor.

Police: Take the Fraud Defence Test and protect yourself

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

With fraud set to become the most prevalent type of crime in England and Wales, we’re urging you to act now to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud and cyber crime.

The Crime Survey of England and Wales, published tomorrow, is likely to indicate fraud and cyber crime now account for close to half of all crime, making you much more likely to be a victim of these crimes than any other. In July 2016, the crime survey indicated 3.8 million frauds and 2 million cyber crimes occurred in the 12 months to the end of March 2016.

How to protect yourself

  1. Sign up to our alert-by-email system to get the latest trending frauds across the country. The alerts are also sent to the 250,000 people who have signed-up to the Neighbourhood Alert System.
  2. Take the Fraud Defence Test. The test, developed by City of London Police and built with funding from the Home Office’s Police Innovation Fund, takes just a couple of minutes and is designed to help you understand how you could become a victim of fraud in...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Most officers of the court and especially those who sit on the bench are aware of and/or have used the disposal of detention within the court building as a means of punishment for certain minor offences as a parent  would send a child to bed early for misbehaviour.  It is almost but not quite impossible to understand the thinking processes of a vagrant who, offered the opportunity by Blackburn magistrates to rid himself of a £350 debt by remaining within the court`s precincts for two hours, rejected said offer:  `nuff said. 

Police: Seems Like A Reasonable Question To Me

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

There was a time, I agree, when Police Officers were paid handsomely. I don’t think many would dispute that. They were paid handsomely BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY DO AND WHAT THEY MIGHT HAVE TO DO. They accepted that and were, in the main, happy with the balance. Contrary to what Mrs May and others think, they went about their duties professionally, and carried them out to the very best of their abilities. Untold numbers of meals went uneaten. Untold numbers of social engagements were cancelled. Untold numbers of marriages broke up. Collateral Damage at the hands of Policing. Untold numbers of Police Officers just pitched up for work the next day and did it all over again, soaking up more of the same, willingly. It is what they did.
Then along came Camoron, Cruella and Winsor and destroyed all that.

Now they get paid much less in real terms. Their pensions have been slaughtered. They will be as old as Methusalah before they can retire. And the government, the NPCC, IPCC, HMIC and Uncle Tom Cobley expect more and more...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
There are occasional matters before magistrates` courts when one wonders just how incoherent families can be.  When that matter involves a child`s non attendance at school the instinct is to put the interests of the child as a priority.  Whether or not that direction is followed sometimes decisions have to be made that irrespective of the parent`s or guardian`s efforts the child in question is so mentally or emotionally damaged that no amount of effort would have enabled them to escape being found guilty.  At the very least they would appear in court to plead their case or at least to personally explain their mitigation to the bench. 

Basildon Magistrates recently had what I would describe as the dismal duty to fine parents of non attending children who themselves failed to turn up in court. One can only wonder in dismay at the internal dynamics of such families. 

There can be few Justices of the Peace who have had the privilege of chairing a court who have not had to speak directly...

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Police: Regulation 28 Reports

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

In December, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon absorbed in reading the detail of a twenty-odd page judgment from a Coroner’s Court. It followed a situation where a man walked out of an ED Department and ended his life on a railway line not too far away from the hospital. The Coroner had no concerns about the police response to the report that he had left the ED, because there was no real way of knowing where he had headed towards and it is known he had died by suicide so soon after leaving that it would have taken quite unlikely luck for officers to have stumbled across him. The real interest in the judgment was the way in which the Coroner looked at the nursing and medical staff in ED – how did they triage the suicidal risk the man posed, how did they communicate and react; what more could have been done?

I’ve just read a newspaper article from Exeter following another recent Coroner’s finding. A patient who was admitted to a medical ward after an acute asthma attack was assessed for mental health problems whilst on...

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Police: 'Child' Migrants

Written by RSS Poster The Sleeping Policeman: A Former Police Officer's Blog

Child Migrants?
A piece from a former colleague on how many of the 'child' migrants from Calais came to be here.
I had an interesting conversation recently with someone from the Home Office regarding the dispersal of the migrant camp at Calais and the importation to Britain of hundreds of ‘child’ refugees.
Although never admitted, it is obvious that a deal was struck with the French regarding dispersal of the camp. Britain’s part of the deal was to take 800 to 1000 of, so called, children from the camp; children who allegedly had family in this country and were desperate to be reunited with them.
I am told that Home Office staff were asked to run details of hundreds of would be migrants against the Home Office criteria to enter the country as child refugees. Only handfuls of migrants met the criteria as genuine  child refugees. They were asked a number of times to reduce the criteria and run the numbers again and again until sufficient met the criteria to reach the figure obviously...

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