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Police: Man arrested after party-goers threatened with gun

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A man has been arrested after a number of people were threatened with a gun.

Shortly before 10pm on Thursday 23 October 2014, police were called to an address on Longhey Road, Benchill, following reports a number of people had been threatened with a gun following an argument at a house party.

Armed officers responded and a 25 year-old man was arrested nearby on suspicion of Firearms Offences

He remains in police custody for questioning.

A blank firing pistol was also recovered.

Police have cordoned off part of Brownley Road to allow searches in relation to this incident to take place.

Detective Sergeant Sandra Callender, said: “Following a dispute at a house party a man has left, only to return and threaten those inside.

“A swift response from specialist firearms officers meant a man was quickly arrested and an imitation firearm also recovered.

“There remains a police presence in the area while we conduct a number of searches in relation to this incident to try and preserve and recover any further relevant evidence and I would ask anyone residents with any concerns to come and talk to us.”

Police: What's The Point?

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
(This is a post by Bystander N)

What’s the Point in a Situation Like This?

For an imprisonable offence committed after 1stSeptember:-

“Your offence is so serious that only a prison sentence is appropriate.  You have blah blah blah.  We sentence you to X weeks/months in prison.  There has been no request for compensation.  The prosecution has asked for X as a contribution towards their costs.  You have no fixed address and are not receiving any benefits.  In fact you have no income whatsoever and are sleeping rough so we are not going to order you to pay anything towards the costs.  We are however obliged, we have no choice in the matter, to order you to pay a surcharge of £80.” 

So how is that ever going to be paid by someone with, quite literally, not a bean?  If it were ever to be chased for payment, which is unlikely, how will that be done and what will it cost to do so?  We have discretion not to award costs or compensation based on a defendant’s means, and to deem a fine served but we can’t deem a surcharge...

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Police: Further appeal following cash in transit robbery in Ormskirk

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News


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Police  have released images of two men they want to speak to in connection with a cash in transit robbery in July.

The incident happened at around 2pm on Wednesday 30 July. It is believed that two men in balaclavas approached a security guard carrying a cash box outside Morrisons on Park Road, Ormskirk.

They told the security guard to drop the box and made off with the container, thought to have approximately £40,000 inside.

It is believed that the two men then made off in a Black BMW convertible which was waiting for them on Aughton Street. The black box was later found smashed on Black Moss Lane.

Officers have released images of two men they would like to speak to in connection with their enquiries. The men are thought to be from the Liverpool area and may have connections to Blackpool.

DC Andy Doran of Skelmersdale CID said: “I am appealing to the public to take a good look at the images and pass on any information that could help us to identify the two men...

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Police: UKIP Cabaret

Written by RSS Poster A Just Future: Fair for All
I love this song by Liza but the end of the film always chills me to the bone... Perhaps Mike Read will do a parody / cover of this one day...

Recently, I have been doing my little bit engaging with some Kippers on Twitter. But I am reminded of GBS's famous quote "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it". But for me this is a key question: how much do I (and people like me) attempt to tackle and deconstruct the myths, lies, fatuous arguments and downright hateful things that UKIPpers say & publish? I have been pointed to their list of 'policies' in recent days. You can read them here for yourself.

The list is little more than fantasy politics: cobbled together and populist statements with about as much similarity to a programme for government as the back page of the Daily Star.

Should I / we spend time unpicking the daftness of most of these 'policies'? 

For example, last night on BBC Question Time, the UKIP MEP declared that the reason they have a 'policy' against plain paper...

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Police: Man charged with murder of Trevor Hillman

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A man has been charged with murder following the discovery of a body in Headcorn.

Kent Police was called to Church Walk shortly before 9am on 22 October to reports a deceased man had been found. The deceased has been formally identified as Trevor Hillman, 57, of Headcorn.

Ruslan Piktorov, 40, of no fixed address, was arrested in London later that day. He was charged with murder in the evening of 23 October and is due to appear in Maidstone Magistrates’ Court this morning (24 October). A second man arrested was released without charge.

Senior investigating officer, DI Lee Whitehead of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said: ‘I would like to thank the Headcorn community for their assistance with this investigation.’


Police: Police officer arrested after discovery of ammunition in police building at palace

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A Metropolitan Police officer has today been arrested as part of an investigation into the discovery of ammunition – believed to be from the Met’s own supplies – in personal lockers in a dedicated police building in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

The investigation, by the Directorate of Professional Standards, commenced a few weeks ago following the reporting by officers from Royalty Protection of ammunition found in their personal lockers or belongings.

The officer arrested is from the unit responsible for protecting the Royal Household (SO14) and normally works in a protection role, although he is not assigned to guard any individual member of the Royal Family.

It follows the announcement last week by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley that the Metropolitan Police was reorganising its Protection Command to improve operational efficiency.

Mr Rowley said that this change had revealed a few pockets of poor behaviour which would not be tolerated....

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Police: Life should mean life for police killers

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

‘Life should mean life.’ So said Police Federation of England and Wales Chair Steve White yesterday following the announcement of the impending release of police killer Harry Roberts.

“I am appalled to learn that police killer, Harry Roberts, is being released from prison. Let’s not forget, this menace murdered three unarmed police officers in cold blood and it is abhorrent news. This decision by the parole board is a slap in the face for the families of the three police officers he brutally murdered who, once again, are forced to re-live their pain and loss. It will spark fury among everyone in the police family who will feel badly let down.

“We pride ourselves on having a largely unarmed police service in England and Wales. However, in turn, we expect the judicial system to provide the deterrent needed to help protect police officers from injury or serious harm while doing their duty. In May 2013, the Home Secretary said she would introduce legislation to make sure life really...

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Police: Gang brandishing gun and large knife rob store – Prestwich

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A gang of masked thieves brandishing a handgun and a large hunter’s knife robbed a convenience store in Prestwich.

The robbery happened at the Windsor Supermarket on Windsor Road, Prestwich, as the shopkeeper was closing up for the night at about 9pm on Wednesday 22 October 2014.

Three masked men clad in balaclavas burst into the store armed with either a black or silver revolver-type weapon and a large hunter’s knife. The gang threatened the shopkeeper before stealing about £800 in cash and numerous bottles of spirits.

They then fled along Windsor Road and onto Downham Crescent before escaping out of sight.

The first man was described as about 5ft 10in tall, of a slim build and wearing a balaclava, a dark jacket and gloves. He was carrying the knife which was said to be about one and a half feet long with a silver blade.

The gunman was very similarly described and the third offender was said to be of a bigger or chubbier build.

Police are now appealing to...

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Police: Investigation into fire that claimed a father and son continues

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A joint investigation between South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service into a fatal house fire in Penistone is continuing this afternoon.

Emergency services were called to a house on Tennyson Close at around 6.30pm on Wednesday 22 October. A man and his two sons were rescued from the property by fire fighters.

Darren Sykes, 44, and his nine-year-old son Paul David Sykes both died as a result of their injuries.

His older son Jack Sykes, 12, remains in a critical condition in hospital.

The injuries suffered by the victims are consistent with being involved in a fire.

The fire is being treated as suspicious but police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. Initial investigations suggest the fire was started deliberately.

Chief Inspector Debbie Mahmood said: “Initial enquiries are underway with colleagues in the fire service to determine the cause of this fire and are at a very early stage.

“This is a tragic incident...

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Police: Breakthrough for detectives investigating the Valerie Graves murder

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Detectives investigating the murder of Valerie Graves in Bosham believe they have made a breakthrough in the case.

Forensic scientists have obtained a limited DNA profile for the suspect, which means detectives can start requesting voluntary DNA samples to eliminate males from the investigation who live and work in the Bosham area, either permanently or as migrant workers. Officers will also be speaking to visitors in the area to eliminate them from the investigation.

Detective Superintendent Nick May, of the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team said: “This is a significant breakthrough for the investigation. Although this profile is not suitable for a search on the National DNA Database it does indicate the suspect is male. Anyone who provides us with a DNA sample could now be eliminated from the investigation. The profiling will involve taking a swab from the mouth and fingerprints from each individual.
“We are stressing that if anyone has any concerns or suspect...

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