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Police: Beyond Satire

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
Thanks to Martin B for bringing this splendid story to my attention. Even the immortal Beachcomber would have found it hard to surpass this tale.

Police: Congratulations M'lud

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
A few years ago I mentioned Sir David Bean , a High Court judge whom I expected to go far. He has just been elevated to the Court of Appeal as Lord Justice Bean, or Bean LJ as he will be known in the law reports. Humble congratulations from a member of the lesser judiciary to a member of a very high level indeed.

Police: Thanks For That

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
I read that the UK's terror threat level has been raised from "substantial" to "severe".

That's interesting, and I do not doubt it is true,but what, exactly, are we supposed to do with the information?

I am to sit in court tomorrow morning.I shall just have to take my chances, I suppose.

Police: Inappropriate Detentions

Written by RSS Poster MentalHealthCop

I’m amongst the first to admit that police officers lack the necessary training to ensure that they get s136 detention decisions consistently correct.  I’ve written about this before, offering my view as to how the dilemma should be approached.  I’ve also acknowledged the point made by some mental health professionals: that police officers occasionally use s136 where it is blatantly illegal – for example, in private premises – or where other powers of detention should be preferred.

What I’m also clear about – and it seems fair to mention this when I’m prepared to accept problems in some officers’ usage of s136! – is that many detentions are only necessary at all because patients cannot directly access the NHS services they need or in a timescale that suits them.  That’s where the police often find themselves involved in taking detention decisions and I want to amplify this point yet further – some s136 detentions follow decisions taken by the NHS to seek the detention of patients or to refer...

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Police: With power comes responsibility!

Written by RSS Poster Policeconomics

The current furore regarding events in Rotherham will (quite understandably) continue for some time. It is clearly in the public interest to understood who knew what – and when.

Despite the fact that everyone other than the PCC himself appears to believe that he should resign – Shaun Wright is adamant that he will not. Clearly Mr Wright’s ego is only matched by the Home Office’s lack of ability to include measures into the primary legislation to rid themselves of PCCs should the need arise. I appreciate that there are certain sensitivities regarding a democratically elected post holder, however, given the magnitude of the failings and the potential for catastrophic damage to public confidence, I think Theresa May would be on safe ground. Sack him and be damned!

Before we all start to jump on the bandwagon here I think it might be prudent to look at the wider picture of accountability, including the Police & Crime Panel (PCP) and SYP ACPO.  The PCP in many forces consists largely of the old guard from the...

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Police: Gay Village venue manager faces sexual assault charges

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A 36 year old man appeared before Manchester city magistrates today ( Friday 29th)

Robert Vincent Ashton of Bloom Street Manchester the manager of Centre Stage in the gay village area of Manchester  is charged with  3 counts of Sexual assault on a male aged over 16.
Magistrates refused jurisdiction to hear the case and the matter was adjourned till the 19th of September when Ashton will appear at Manchester crown court.
He was released on conditional bail and he must not have contact with the alleged victim and must not go into Paddys Goose public house
Ashton denies all allegations.


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

On August 25th I commented on Freddy Flintoff`s collision with the courts with regard to a speeding allegation.  Contrary to my prediction he appeared before a bench in Carlisle and not a District Judge. My title "One Law for Them..?"  was apt but not as I had foreseen.  I  commented on “exceptional hardship” on January 31st and June 30th.     This is the argument that Mr Flintoff`s representative yesterday  argued successfully.  Bearing in mind there is only the news report upon which to make comment I must say I am appalled by my colleagues`...

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Police: Operation Aquilion – Major investigation launched to locate missing boy

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News
Hampshire Constabulary has launched a major investigation to locate a five-year-old boy removed from Southampton General Hospital without consent.
Ashya King has a brain tumor and without treatment there are serious concerns for his welfare. He is likely to be in a wheelchair or buggy, he cannot communicate verbally and is immobile.
Ashya was removed from the hospital by his parents, 51-year-old Brett King and 45-year-old Naghemeh King, at approximately 2pm on Thursday, August 28.
We have confirmation that Ashya, his parents and six siblings boarded a continental ferry service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg at 4pm on Thursday, August 28. The ship arrived in France at 8pm French time.
The family are travelling in a grey coloured Hyundai I800 Style CRDI, registration KP60 HWK.
Information suggests that the family are still in France.
We are working with our counterparts in France to activate their emergency child rescue alert procedures...

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Police: Pick'n'mix

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
When I walk into the assembly room on the morning of a sitting day, I never know what awaits me, other than whether I am to be a Chairman (as I usually am). Sometimes one courtroom is down for non-CPS work, such as local authority, TV licences,  RSPCA or suchlike. I am afraid that these sessions can sometimes be very boring, especially the TV cases where 90 per cent of those summonsed do not turn up, so we hear the case in absentia, which makes the whole business rather mechanical.

The other day, in among the Council's failure-to-attend-school cases we were faced with a Fail to Comply with Enforcement Notice matter. It turned out to be a Beds in Sheds case; where a suburban semi had acquired a substantial unauthorised outbuilding that was being rented to recent immigrants for £650 per month. I can't say too much about it, but we imposed a five-figure fine and added on an amount to reflect the gain from illicit use over a couple of years. The defendants were pretty unhappy once they added up the bill, complete with costs and...

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Police: A Better Way

Written by RSS Poster inspguilfoyle

One day during the school holidays, Stick Child’s daddy took him to an outdoor adventure park, where people climb through the trees using various ropes, nets, rickety bridges, zip wires and other things. Stick Child’s daddy thought he’d be pretty good at it, as he’d been on similar obstacle courses when he was much younger…

Stick child better way 1

It soon became apparent, however, that he was a lot slower than his boy, moving with all the grace and finesse of a large land mammal, tangling himself up in his safety ropes and wobbling precariously as he crossed from one platform to the next. Also, the higher they went, the wobblier he became, hugging the tree trunks desperately and avoiding eye contact with the ground.

Stick child better way 2

Stick Child thought this was quite funny and was tempted to laugh at his daddy, who had been acting all big and tough when they were on the ground. Instead, he decided to help him, as he had learnt some good techniques for tackling these sorts of obstacles on a recent school trip.

At first, Stick Child’s daddy still thought he knew best (“I’ve been...

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