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Police: When The Politicians Are In Charge

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

Strange things happen.

We used to have Police Authorities, even the Met had one eventually.  Then some bright spark at a well known Think Tank came up with PCCs.  Needless to say, most of the elected PCCs represent one political party or another, the Independents have a particularly hard time of it.

My old friends at Policy Exchange actually conducted a poll, and far and away what the public want is someone who is ex Police or ex Military, but what did we end up with.

Kevin Hurley, and others, seem to be doing an excellent job as Independents but I feel like the government regard them as a real irritant.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the should ALL be Independent.  Politics and Policing should not mix.  What we now have is a generation of politicians, embroiled in Policing (no other Public Services too) and simply refusing yo listen to those who actually know what they are talking about.

Home Secretary, Policing Minister etc. What did they KNOW about Policing prior to their appointment? What...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
For those interested in how our highly respected intelligent and public spirited M.P.s discuss matters of interest and how a mendacious government minister  tries to cover his arse there is no better place to spend five minutes than reading this week`s House of Commons debate on the criminal courts charge and if that isn`t sufficient try reading yesterday`s report of the the Justice Committee of the House of Commons. I think that`s enough until next week.

Police: How Paris has changed our world

Written by RSS Poster DCC Dave Thompson

On the 11th September 2001 I was a superintendent in East Manchester. A colleague and I were stood on the building site of the Commonwealth Games Stadium, now Manchester City’s ground, planning out the Commonwealth Games. We got a call an aircraft had crashed into the World Trade Center. 9/11 began a seismic cycle of change that has shaped my career and policing since.

What had been a plan to manage a games and an opening ceremony operation to prevent Irish terrorism became a debate, and only that at that point, as to how suicide terrorism could be combated. Soon after the games I stood in a North Manchester hospital with an armed team managing the medical treatment of Kamel Bourgass who had only hours earlier stabbed DC Stephen Oake to death in the city. International terrorism had arrived in Manchester and in the following years in GMP I dealt with planned terror attacks at sports grounds, shopping centres and aviation security.

Since those times we have rapidly built a police counter terrorism security network...

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Police: Assaults and Medical Factors

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

A brief BLOG, because nothing I’m going to write here says anything new at all about assaults on NHS staff, it’s just that latest figures on this topic show we’re really still no further forward!

The 2014/15 figures for assaults on NHS staff were published yesterday and they show 67,864 assaults overall, right across our NHS. This involved 1,861 assaults on paramedics – my brothers and sisters in green – and 45,220 assaults within the mental health sector, which is 66% of the total, down from 70% in years gone by.  You can read the NHS Protect spreadsheet if you want a lot more data to consume or a very detailed look at your area.

Assaults on NHS mental health staff has always been a difficult subject: no-one thinks that getting assaulted is ‘part of the job’ but we also know that when people are in extreme distress and fearful, an assaultative reaction to circumstances can be at least understandable, if not a direct manifestation of their particular condition. So the NHS identifying which cases should be...

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Police: Sorry Everybody, It’s Tom Winsor and G4$ Again

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

I need to be careful with this one so I’ll stick to demonstrable facts and I’ll invite you to join the dots yourselves.

It was pointed out to me recently  that the recent HMIC inspections identified Lincolnshire as best Value for Money Force.Yesterday the BBC reported that G4S were claiming that companies such as theirs could save Police Forces up to £1 BILLION per annum by outsourcing back room functions etc.

G4S entered into a £200 million contract with Lincolnshire Police in 2012, with G4S now carrying out many back room functions for them.

During the initial negotiations G4S were represented by law firm White & Case.

Their website says “White & Case is an international law firm that serves companies, governments and financial institutions.”

In 2010 Tom Winsor was writing his Independent Review, he was employed by White and Case.
At the 2012 Police Federation Conference, Theresa May was asked

When you appointed Tom Winsor to carry out your independent review of policy, did you...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
On November 17th I alluded to magistrates` courts reporting in local media.  And as is the way of coincidence two local west country newspapers yesterday  published short reports of of such proceedings which, whilst brief and in one case apparently incomplete, demonstrated the sometimes hard to fathom decisions of two local courts.  It is more than likely that those reading these reports will take more realistic impressions of such things than viewing  any so called expert on T.V.  

Police: Misleading Parliament

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

I’ve had enough, I’m getting even angrier.  Apart from anything else there seems to be no justice in this country at the moment and we certainly don’t seem to be living in a Democracy at the moment.

Two years ago three Police Officers were threatened with being charged with Contempt if Parliament because it was felt that they had lied to a Committee.  I have no idea whether they lied or not, the important part for me today is what they were threatened with.

As ordinary citizens we have to listen to our politicians misleading Parliament EVERY SINGLE DAY, yet there is no retribution whatsoever.  When they do it nobody within Parliament, any Party, takes any notice whatsoever. It’s just accepted as the Norm, part of The Game.

Well, it’s not a bloody game when people’s lives are at risk.  Public Safety should be right up there with the principal objectives of government, but it clearly isn’t.

I am absolutely sick to the back teeth with Tory MPs of assorted levels spouting the tired old mantra “Reform is...

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Police: Theresa May – The Petitions

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

There are 3 Government Petitions relating to the delightful lady at the moment.

The first, and with the most signatures is

If it gets to 100,000 signatures the government will debate it, but when it reached 10,000 signatures the Home Office responded thus

Police reform is working and that is due in no small part to the professionalism, dedication and sacrifice shown by police officers and staff in the line of their duty.

This Government deeply values the professionalism, dedication and sacrifice shown by police officers up and down the country in the line of their duty.

This Government recognises that the reforms in policing have presented challenges for police officers, but it is equally clear that the police have risen to those challenges. In 2010, we faced the toughest fiscal challenge in living memory and this Government has had to take difficult decisions across the public sector, including in reforming the police. Throughout this significant time of change it has been clear that the programme of reform is...

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Police: Investigation underway following suspicious deaths near Burton

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Home » The Midlands » West Midlands » Staffordshire Police

Investigation underway following suspicious deaths near Burton

November 18, 2015, 5:47 pm

An investigation has been launched into the death of two suspected migrants after their bodies were found near Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire.

Police were called to Ferroli in Lichfield Road, Branston, just before 9.05am on Tuesday 17 November, following the discovery of two bodies within a wooden transit crate.

The area was immediately cordoned off and a forensic examination was carried out.

View full article on Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Both bodies were removed to the Royal Stoke University Hospital for a forensic post mortem examination today, Wednesday 18 November.

The cause of death is yet to be established and further tests will be conducted. The bodies are both believed to be males under the age of 30 and work will continue to establish their identity.

The wooden transit crate was part of a...

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Police: Two PCSOs threatened with gun as they went to intervene in attack in Wigan

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Home » News

Two PCSOs threatened with gun as they went to intervene in attack in Wigan

November 18, 2015, 2:59 pm

Two PCSOS were threatened by a man with a gun as they went to intervene in an attack in Wigan.
The incident happened shortly after 10pm on Thursday 12 November 2015, as two PCSOs were talking to two members of the public on Gidlow Lane, Wigan.

The two community support officers then saw a man being assaulted further up the road by another man.

As they ran towards the assault, shouting for the attacker to stop, the man pointed a hand gun at the officers and threatened them, ordering them not to come any closer.

View full article on Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

The man who was being assaulted got up from the floor and ran away from the scene.

The man with the gun then got into the rear passenger seat of a silver BMW and was driven away.

Police officers, including armed officers, attended the scene and searched the area.

A short time...

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