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Military: The UK give £27m aid to Argentina

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

FURY erupted last night after it emerged that Britain is pumping in £27million to Argentina despite the escalating row over the Falklands.


igures from Brussels showed the UK paid £7million to a £50million European Union assistance package. British taxpayers are also contributing £20million to a £450million loan from the International Monetary Fund.

The money is continuing to flow in spite of growing demands from Buenos Aires for Britain to surrender the Falkland Islands and the launch yesterday of a trade war against the UK.

It led David Cameron to immediately accuse Argentina of pursuing a “policy of confrontation” against Britain. Read More HERE

(RG) I feel physically sick when I read this, why would you give anyone money who has invaded your territory and murdered your people?

Fire: Safety Advice Following Serious Fire

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
Hundreds of homes in Everton were targeted in a reassurance campaign after the body of a woman was discovered following a serious house fire.

Military: RED FRIDAY

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Military: MILBABES

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Fire: FBU commend emergency service personnel after Shoreham disaster

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

Following Saturday’s tragic incident at the Shoreham Air Show the Fire Brigades Union wish to commend all Emergency Service personnel who dealt with this harrowing incident.

Danni Armstrong, secretary of the South East region of the FBU said “Our members, along with other emergency services, have been working tirelessly since the weekend. They have been dealing with the fallout of this traumatic incident like the true professionals they are. The thoughts of all firefighters who responded to this tragic accident will be with the friends and families of the people who lost their lives.

“We raised concerns with the county council last year over a lack of resources and how badly fire cover was stretched across the region. Ongoing budget cuts mean we have fewer firefighters and equipment to respond to major emergencies.

“It has also emerged that one of the fire engines initially mobilised from Hove Fire Station to this emergency is due to be axed from service in the new year due to further...

This fire blog continues,

Police: Alert: Watch out for council tax scam

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s (NFIB) proactive intelligence team is warning people of a new approach being used by scammers to carry-out vishing scams.

Fraudsters have been phoning victims telling them that they are calling to let them know that they have been placed in the wrong council tax bracket for a number of years  and that they are entitled to a rebate, they normally say that this rebate should be worth £7000. Since mid July Action Fraud has received 16 reports.

Once the victim is convinced, the fraudster tells them that in order to receive the rebate they will need to pay an administration fee in advance; the payment they ask for varies between £60-350. The victim provides the details and makes the payment, but then is no longer able to make contact with the person they spoke to on the phone.

Wrong tax bracket

When they phone their council about the rebate and the fact that they are in the wrong tax bracket, the council will confirm that they know nothing about it and that they...

This police blog continues,

Fire: Instructors urged to drive home the 'honest truth' on road safety

Written by RSS Poster Norfolk Fire Service

Driving instructors in Norfolk are being urged to deliver the ‘honest truth’ to learner drivers as part of a new road safety campaign.

It comes as leading road safety campaigners launch a project which will see driving instructors offered training in order to help them to teach young drivers to identify and negate bad habits such as speeding, using mobile phones while driving, showing off to friends or getting behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs.

The Honest Truth project was originally set in South Devon in 2009 following a fatal collision which killed three young people and aims to stamp out bad driving habits from the start, alerting youngsters to the risks of the road.

On average a young person is killed on UK roads every 18 hours, while another suffers a serious injury every 90 minutes.

The county’s road network is the only way to get around for many young people. However, inexperienced drivers will often be unfamiliar with the layout and hazards...

This fire blog continues,


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
The iniquitous Courts Charge has been a repeated  topic here since its imposition four months ago.  Indeed I left the magistracy shortly before my appointed date so that I would not be in the middle chair having to impose this insult to justice.  News media are now catching up to the reality of this injustice.  This piece in The Independent is a fair synopsis of what is happening every hour in our courts.  The letter from an ex colleague published recently in the Guardian says it all.  I doff my hat to R.Stilwell. You,sir, are an honourable man. 

Police: Father and his 2 sons jailed for 16yrs

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Home » The South » London » Metropolitan Police Service

Father and his 2 sons jailed for 16yrs

August 27, 2015, 11:08 am


Three members of the same family have been given sentences totalling in excess of 16 years.

A father and his two sons have been jailed for a range of offences including possession of a shotgun, burglary and handling stolen goods.

On Tuesday, 25 August at the Inner London Crown Court:

View full article on Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Mark Pearce, 31 (28.01.84) of Galleon Close Erith, was sentenced to six years and three months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to one count of possession of a shot gun, three counts of residential burglary, one count of supplying prescribed medicines and 35 counts of identification fraud.

Matthew Pearce, 29 (10.07.86) of Maran Way, Thamesmead was sentenced to six years and three months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to one count of possession of a shotgun, five counts of residential burglary, five counts of...

This police blog continues,


Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

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