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Written by RSS Poster The Thin Blue Line


Met commissioner calls for radical merger of police forces

Britain’s most senior police officer has warned that cuts to police and other public services will put public safety at risk unless the next government pushes through ‘radical structural reforms’ to cut back-office costs. 
Writing in the Guardian, Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe stated that regardless of the general election outcome, “we are all looking at years of more austerity and shrinking budgets”. 

And, in a move that clashes with government policy, he calls for the culling of more than 30 forces in England and Wales, to create nine super-forces, based on regional boundaries. 

Sir Bernard noted that there are 43 police forces in England and Wales, but stated that criminals do not respect ‘county boundaries’. 

“We need to be as flexible and aggressive as they are. We do not need the boundaries that currently mark out the territory of chief constables or police and crime...

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Military: Falkland Islands given medal for showing 'indomitable will' during Argentine invasion

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

THE Falkland Islands has collectively been awarded a medal today in recognition of their 'indomitable will' during the Argentine invasion.The archipelago were today honoured for the "personal commitment" they showed in defending their right of self-determination during the 1982 war. The South Atlantic medal was handed to almost 30,000 troops and civilians who served in the operation to liberate the Falklands from Argentine forces. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: "I am pleased to inform the House that in 2015 the South Atlantic Medal will be presented, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, to the Falkland Islands, in recognition of the assistance provided to the Forces of the United Kingdom during the liberation of the Islands in 1982. "The Islanders' individual acts of courage exemplified the indomitable will and personal commitment to defending the Islands' right of self determination." Prime Minister David Cameron will honour the people of the...

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Police: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written by RSS Poster DCC Dave Thompson

Can I start by wishing everyone a very merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  As always Christmas is a time of work for the force and many will be on duty at times they would rather be at home with loved ones.

Policing has many values we share with Christianity and the other major religions. Our job is to make other people safe by our presence and to ensure that people who need a friend at times of need get one.

Once again this year I have seen countless examples of how we are doing this as a whole organisation. Crime is falling and much lower than the other major cities. We have the lowest rates of offending in the country. We are recording crime accurately and ethically as evidenced in the most rigorous HMIC inspection I have ever seen.  Our approach to stop search has seen a better use of our powers, something young people will notice. Our overall service as a force is rated by HMIC in its new PEEL inspections as one of the best in the country and easily the best Metropolitan Police Force....

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

I blogged on 25th September on the latest statistics from the MOJ concerning ineffective trials.  Today`s numbers indicate that court maladministration is still responsible for 29% of such failings; a figure which suggests the problem is flatlining.   The costs of such inefficiency can only be guestimated by those professionally involved and/or interested.  It is unlikely that such admissions will ever be available from Petty France, London SW1.  It seems that no senior figures amongst our representatives are willing to articulate that this erosion of competence is a direct result of the cost cutting to a.......some might say......the major pillar supporting our democratic society where all are supposed to be equal before the law.

Fire: “Unfairly treated” South Wales firefighters win grievance appeal

Written by RSS Poster Fire Brigades Union

A grievance appeal panel has conceded that South Wales Fire and Rescue Service treated firefighters unfairly when they reduced a compensation package to be paid for three years instead of five.

The compensation package was paid as a result of downgrading Cowbridge fire station, where the firefighters worked, from Day Crewing to RDS.

An existing agreement between the Fire Brigades Union and fire service gives firefighters a non-detrimental package for five years in order to cover increased travelling costs and loss of potential earnings.

Jo Byrne, chair of the FBU in South Wales, said: “This is a wonderful victory for FBU members not only at Cowbridge fire station but in the service as a whole.

“All firefighters should be treated fairly by the service and Cowbridge members have now been awarded what is rightfully theirs.”

Cowbridge fire station was the last Day Crewed station to be downgraded as part of South Wales Fire and Rescue Services’ Risk Reduction...

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Police: London nightclub shooting two males in custody

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Officers investigating a shooting at a north London nightclub are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

At 23:41hrs on Monday, 15 December, Police were called to reports of a shooting at The Garage Nightclub, Highbury Crescent, N5.

Officers arriving at the scene discovered that a male had made his own way to a North London hospital having suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

The injured male is currently in hospital in a stable condition. His injuries are not life threatening.

At around 2000hrs on Tuesday, 17 December, Trident officers arrested two men in connection with this investigation at a petrol station in Craven Park Road, N15.

They are:
[A] A 28-year-old man from north London.
[B] A 30-year-old man from north London.

Officers are appealing for anyone who witnessed this incident, but has not yet come forward, to call Trident (north area) on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Police: WATCH: CCTV shows “despicable” distraction thieves stealing from OAP’s

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

The shocking moment two distraction thieves stole Christmas money from an elderly couple in broad daylight − caught on CCTV in Coventry − has been released in a bid to identify the suspects.

The crystal clear images show one of the men asking the husband for directions while another man lurks in the background, before stealing the wife’s wallet from her handbag.

The thieves − who had followed the couple around the bank and seen them withdraw £700 − stole the money on 25 November as the pair put their shopping in their car parked on Thamley Road.

Detective Sergeant Dave Faries said: “This was a well-planned theft in which the suspects coldly and deliberately targeted the elderly couple.

“Not only did they follow them in the bank, but they also shadowed them as they carried out their shopping − waiting for the right time to pounce.

“The couple had withdrawn the money for Christmas presents for their family and...

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Police: George Phillips charged with the murder of Joel Adesina

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Detectives investigating the fatal stabbing of Joel Adesina at Bethnal Green Road, E2 on Friday, 5 December have charged a man with murder.

Unemployed, George Phillips [E], aged 20 (15/11/94) of Pitfield Street, N1 was charged on Wednesday, 17 December with the murder of Joel Adesina at Bethnal Green Road on 5 December.

He will appear in custody at Thames Magistrates Court on Thursday, 18 December.

Police: Dear Diary – Day Two In Narnia

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

I suspect that I had something in common with many of yesterday. I was incandescent with rage, not an unusual condition for me, but it seems it’s infectious.

The thing that sparked it off yesterday was the anticipated news that Police Budgets across England and Wales were being slashed by a further 5% or £299 million. It has previously been predicted that any cuts of this magnitude will result in the loss of 34,000 more jobs, including Police Officers and Support Staff..

One Chief Constable has already declared that his Force cannot sustain further cuts, the PCC of Surrey has declared the cupboard to be bare and even the mighty Bernie Hogan-Who has said that further cuts will pose a risk to the public.

We are, it seems, living in a paradox. On one hand we have Cruella saying that more cuts are necessary, you must now set about doing more with less all over again, more jobs must go to pay for it, all is Doom and Gloom. Austerity is the reason for all these unpopular decisions.

Then we have Gidiot telling us...

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Police: Serendipitous Timing

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

You may be aware that the Government has spent the last year or more reviewing various aspects of the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA), mainly focussing upon sections 135 and 136 of the Act.  These are the legal powers that relate to emergency police intervention in public places and to warrants to enter private premises and remove patients in need of assessment to a place of safety.  The review is published today and you can read it in full, for yourself.

1. The full report

2. The executive summary

3. The easy read report.

This post intends to summarises the highlights for you, whilst reminding that this document, in itself, means little and nothing happens immediately.  It amounts recommendations for amendments to primary legislation, it would require an Act of Parliament for these things to take effect and we already know this will not be attempted until after the 2015 General Election.  We may see a Green Paper putting forward suggestions in the spring, but Royal Assent to any changes will not occur for at least a year and...

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