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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
There are occasional matters before magistrates` courts when one wonders just how incoherent families can be.  When that matter involves a child`s non attendance at school the instinct is to put the interests of the child as a priority.  Whether or not that direction is followed sometimes decisions have to be made that irrespective of the parent`s or guardian`s efforts the child in question is so mentally or emotionally damaged that no amount of effort would have enabled them to escape being found guilty.  At the very least they would appear in court to plead their case or at least to personally explain their mitigation to the bench. 

Basildon Magistrates recently had what I would describe as the dismal duty to fine parents of non attending children who themselves failed to turn up in court. One can only wonder in dismay at the internal dynamics of such families. 

There can be few Justices of the Peace who have had the privilege of chairing a court who have not had to speak directly...

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Ambulance: Narcan 4mg IN

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe » Medic Scribe


I was a big initial fan of the intranasal atomizers both for pain management and opiate overdoses.  I liked them for pain management for their quick access.  I often gave an intranasal dose, and then after getting an IV, gave the rest IV.  Overtime I noticed quite a difference in response between the two methods.  IN might touch them; IV almost always worked.  Recently I have switched to IM for the quick first dose.  Sure it involves a needle stick, but the onset is quicker and it seems more effective.

I have continued to use intranasal Naloxone as my first line for opiate overdose accompanied, of course, by bag valve ventilation, but I have been having second thoughts about the IN route of late.  I have always preached patience, and when I give Narcan IN, my patience is usually always rewarded with a calm, almost placid patient.  Many of my peers have told me they prefer 1.2 mg IM as their starting dose.  That’s what I used before IN came out.  True, it does return their breathing sooner and almost...

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Fire: New fire and rescue service vehicle scales the heights

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
Caption: L-R, Cllr Nick Forbes and Watch Manager Dave Summers Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has added a new aerial ladder platform (ALP) vehicle to its fleet to improve safety for the public and firefighters. The Bronto Skylift ALP is capable of reaching heights of up to 37m or 120ft, making it the fourth largest vehicle of its kind in the country and the largest in the North East region. It has the ability to reach the parapets of all bridges in the Tyne and Wear area, as well as high rise buildings, and will be used for firefighting, rescues and special services. The new vehicle will come into service at the end of February, replacing the oldest ALP in the Tyne and Wear fleet which is 15 years old. Cllr Nick Forbes, vice-chairman of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority, braved the elements on Monday, 16 January to experience the ALP's capabilities at first hand. Cllr Forbes said: “This state of the art vehicle, which can reach the highest buildings and bridges in Tyne...

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Fire: Could you be our new Control Room Operator?

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
Could you be our new Control Room Operator?

Police: Regulation 28 Reports

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

In December, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon absorbed in reading the detail of a twenty-odd page judgment from a Coroner’s Court. It followed a situation where a man walked out of an ED Department and ended his life on a railway line not too far away from the hospital. The Coroner had no concerns about the police response to the report that he had left the ED, because there was no real way of knowing where he had headed towards and it is known he had died by suicide so soon after leaving that it would have taken quite unlikely luck for officers to have stumbled across him. The real interest in the judgment was the way in which the Coroner looked at the nursing and medical staff in ED – how did they triage the suicidal risk the man posed, how did they communicate and react; what more could have been done?

I’ve just read a newspaper article from Exeter following another recent Coroner’s finding. A patient who was admitted to a medical ward after an acute asthma attack was assessed for mental health problems whilst on...

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Fire: Flooding in Lowestoft - we were ready...

Written by RSS Poster Alerter - the firefighters blog

It didn't bode well that the predicted flooding in Lowestoft and along the East Coast was scheduled for Friday 13th.

The previous day we were asked for volunteers to crew our pump as part of the Fire Service response to any flooding in the North of Lowestoft.

Plans were already underway in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex to draft in additional resources from other Fire and Rescue Services across the country as part of the National Resilience capability.

Our first stint on standby at North Lowestoft Fire Station ran from 0800-1200 on Friday to cover the first high tide of the day. We were joined by a water rescue team made up of off-duty wholetime firefighters from Lowestoft South Fire Station.

A similar set up was in force south of the river with the duty watch providing another water rescue team with support from the on call firefighters at Lowestoft South.

The morning's high tide passed without incident and we headed home to grab some grub and wait till we were next required at 1800 hours.

The evening...

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Police: 'Child' Migrants

Written by RSS Poster The Sleeping Policeman: A Former Police Officer's Blog

Child Migrants?
A piece from a former colleague on how many of the 'child' migrants from Calais came to be here.
I had an interesting conversation recently with someone from the Home Office regarding the dispersal of the migrant camp at Calais and the importation to Britain of hundreds of ‘child’ refugees.
Although never admitted, it is obvious that a deal was struck with the French regarding dispersal of the camp. Britain’s part of the deal was to take 800 to 1000 of, so called, children from the camp; children who allegedly had family in this country and were desperate to be reunited with them.
I am told that Home Office staff were asked to run details of hundreds of would be migrants against the Home Office criteria to enter the country as child refugees. Only handfuls of migrants met the criteria as genuine  child refugees. They were asked a number of times to reduce the criteria and run the numbers again and again until sufficient met the criteria to reach the figure obviously...

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Fire: RIPLEY - 1969


On Feb. 10, 1969, a fire and explosion at a hardware rocked the village of Ripley in Surrey.

"The explosions sent shattered roof tiling across the High Street, windows on the opposite side of the road were cracked by the heat, properties rocked, and a gas cylinder was thrown 150 yards across the village green into trees," the Guilford Times and Advertiser reported.

Firefighters from Guildford, Woking, Esher and Camberley responded to the alarm.

"The fire began while a tanker was pumping paraffin into the store; a store which sold everything from bicycles, television sets and crockery to furniture, paraffin, gas and petrol," the newspaper said. "Large-scale evacuation procedures were pursued because of the fear that petrol tanks would explode, the tanks being under the forecourt, and under the garden of an adjacent cottage of Mr and Mrs Charles Shoesmith, who were on holiday in Majorca."


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Apropos my last post and Tweet the "I must be nice to all those underlings I have to control" CEO of HMCTS in her arrogance has still failed to make contact to explain or otherwise the report in the Littlehampton Gazette last week. She owes all who believe in press freedom an explanation.

On more familiar territory this case at Cardiff Crown Court is in a nutshell symbolic of all the failures with the justice system at the level where it matters most; in our courts.  Personally I encountered many similar circumstances on the bench and no doubt current active colleagues have their own tales of woe. 

Council Tax liability cases are  familiar if sometimes boring sittings for magistrates.  I would opine that those weasels at HMCTS and Petty France are cooking up plans to add them to their single justice list alongside TV licensing and similar. Read this case reported at the Court of Appeal on landlords` compliance.  It might be useful in limited cases applicable.  I certainly had quite a few in my time.

Ambulance: Hear the Drumming

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe » Medic Scribe

Another three dead of heroin overdoses in Hartford in the last 16 hours.  The slaughter continues.  Hartford led the state in overdose deaths in 2015 with 56.  The 2016 numbers, which are not complete, are estimated to be in the high 70s.  Already there have been 5 known heroin deaths in 2016.   I recently did a cardiac arrest of a male in his 40’s just out of rehab, found dead on the couch.  No heroin paraphernalia was seen, but who’s to say the scene wasn’t sanitized before we got there or maybe he snorted outside and walked into the house and collapsed.  Not certain if he ended up as a medical examiner case, but if he did, the evidence will be in the blood, and his name will be added to the tally.

Next week, at our hospital EMS CME, a death investigator from the office of the state Medical Examiner will be speaking to us about heroin and fentanyl.  I am very excited to hear her talk.

I am encouraged that people are the crisis seriously.  From police to health care workers to elected representatives,...

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