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Police: Overcome with smoke, officers re-enter burning building to save lives – Police Bravery Awards – Gwent Nominees

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

In the early hours, armed response officers, PCs Caddick and Eustace responded to reports of a suspected burglary at a block of flats.

PC Greg Eustace - Gwent Police PC Rhys Caddick - Gwent Police

On arrival the officers were met by the caller who said she heard noises and seen broken glass from the flat below. She had also seen two people running away moments before.

The officers could hear a fire alarm and could also smell smoke. PC Caddick ran to the back of the block of flats and saw that the flat with a broken window was ablaze. He immediately called the fire service and without hesitation both officers went into the building. The door to the flat was locked and the communal area was filling with smoke.

PC Eustace began evacuating the other residents whilst PC Caddick tried to force entry into the burning flat, not knowing if anyone was inside. Smoke was rapidly filling the building making it difficult to see anything or breathe. PC Caddick managed...

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Police: Off-duty officer shot at during armed robber chase – Police Bravery Awards – Greater Manchester Nominee

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Off-duty PC Frame was in the bookmakers when he witnessed an armed robbery unfold. The robber was pointing a gun at the cashier and demanding money. Without hesitation, PC Frame challenged the robber who told him ‘don’t be a hero’ and produced a claw hammer to reinforce his threat. Standing firm the officer took out his mobile phone to call emergency assistance at which point the robber swung at the officer with the hammer. Fearing for his safety, PC Frame moved to the door, enabling two customers to leave. He watched events unfold.

The cashier handed over the money and the robber went to escape but PC Frame held the door closed. The robber desperately tried to force the door, again threatening PC Frame. He then made his way towards the rear exit. PC Frame gave chase and followed him out to the yard at which point he turned and fired the gun before escaping onto a back street. Still undeterred, the...

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Police: Officers who stopped human fireball on petrol station forecourt win bravery award – Police Bravery Awards 2014 – Winner (South East Region)

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Two Essex Police officers who helped extinguish a man who had set himself on fire at a petrol station have won a prestigious police bravery award.

PC Keith Lucas -  Essex Police PC Shane Robinson - Essex Police

As the man soaked himself in flammable liquid and threatened to set himself on fire on the station’s forecourt, PC Keith Lucas and PC Shane Robinson ran towards him, ordering him to drop his lighter.

But as the officers got to within a few feet of him, he ignited and turned into a huge fireball.

Engulfed in flames and screaming in pain, the man stepped towards the officers as they instructed him to drop to the floor.  PC Robinson removed his fleece, ran towards the man and began to beat the flames.

The man’s upper body was engulfed in flames but PC Robinson continued to try to smother the flames.  Suddenly he rose to his feet but collapsed on the pavement.

The fire service stepped in and miraculously the man...

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Police: Constable wins bravery award for saving trapped woman from rising flood waters – Police Bravery Awards 2014 – Winner (South West Region)

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A police officer who waded into rapidly rising flood waters to rescue a woman from her stranded car has won a prestigious police bravery award.

On the evening of 23 December 2013, PC Luke Gribble, from Avon and Somerset Constabulary, waded 100ft through the deep fast-flowing water in the dark to pull the woman out of the car and carry her to safety.

PC Gribble has now won the southwest region Police Bravery Award at a ceremony in central London attended by the Home Secretary, police minister Mike Penning and Met Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, among other dignitaries. He was presented with the award by Steve White, chair, Police Federation of England and Wales.

PC Gribble had been on routine patrol with a colleague when a report came in of a car trapped in rising flood water, on an isolated country lane on the outskirts of Bristol between Doynton and...

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Police: Off-duty officer runs into burning restaurant – Police Bravery Awards – Northamptonshire Nominee

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

PC Welsford was off-duty and spending an evening out with his son. They had decided to go to the cinema, located in a busy recreational complex. They were making their way back to the car when PC Welsford’s son noticed that a local restaurant had smoke and flames billowing from the rooftop.

PC Welsford ran over to the building and instructed his son to call the fire service. As he got close he was horrified to see staff still inside as if nothing was wrong, closing down the restaurant at the end of a day’s business.

By now the fire on the roof had really taken hold and the building was at serious risk of collapse. PC Welsford rushed in, shouting at them to get out. The ceiling was becoming engulfed in smoke, the noise of the burning roof was getting louder and a distinct sound of cracking could be heard which was the structure of the roof beginning to give way.

Knowing there was little time left, the off-duty...

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Police: Officer puts his life on the line to stop burglar – Police Bravery Awards – West Midlands Nominee

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Whilst on restricted duties PC McGinn was a passenger in an unmarked police car en route to an address to obtain a statement. A report of a burglary taking place was received very near to where the officers were located.

On arrival, PC McGinn saw the suspect walking along the road and getting into a car. He approached the driver door on foot, opened it and requested that the suspect get out.  Instead the suspect reversed the car at speed trapping PC McGinn between the driver’s door and the car body. The car collided with a lamp post, tree and wall, causing significant life changing injuries to PC McGinn.

The suspect then drove off at speed colliding with two police cars before making his escape on foot. He was later arrested near to his home address and has since been sentenced for the attempted murder of PC McGinn.

Despite being on restricted duties, PC McGinn’s commitment and dedication to duty never wavered. He bravely approached the suspect, putting himself in harm’s way to protect the public. His selfless actions have resulted in a long and difficult journey towards recovery.

Police: Fearless duo evacuate block of flats before fire takes hold – Police Bravery Awards – Leceistershire Nominees

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

PC Wood and PC Bones, were putting on a road block to assist a demolition company. They were alerted to a flat fire in a nearby assisted living building consisting of a large number of flats housing disabled residents. The officers went to investigate and saw that a flat on the third floor was on fire. They went into the building and made their way to the flat which was ablaze and thick with smoke.  It was difficult to see anything. PC Wood called out but heard nothing back. One of the rooms was on fire and fearful that someone was inside; they bravely went in and found an unconscious man lying dangerously close to the flames.

PC Lindsey Bones PC Christopher Wood

A member of the demolition team, Mr Brown, had followed the officers into the building and helped get the man out of the flat. Mr Brown then tried to extinguish the fire but it was out of control and the heat and smoke forced them all to retreat outside the building to...

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Police: Officers save mum and son from blaze – Police Bravery Awards – Hertfordshire Nominees

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Officers Reynolds, Kane, Forrester and Carter responded to reports of a house fire. On arrival they found the house filled with smoke and a woman and her son were trapped in an upstairs bedroom.

PC Joel Forrester PC Carly Reynolds PC Nicholas Kane PC Nathan Carter

With no time to lose PC Forrester forced entry and was followed by PCs Reynolds, Kane and Carter. The house was thick with acrid smoke but their prime concern was getting the occupants to safety. Without a second thought and without breathing apparatus they went in, searched the house and managed to locate the woman and her son.

The woman required assistance so PC Forrester carried her out of the house and her son was led to safety.

PC Forrester was treated for smoke inhalation but he was deemed fit to continue with work. He and his colleagues carried on with a full tour of duty.

All four officers courageously forced their way into the smoke-filled house and with tremendous teamwork managed to locate the occupants and rescue them from harm. The fact they continued to finish their shift further demonstrates their outstanding commitment and dedication to duty.

Police: Officers who fearlessly pursued armed gang win bravery award – Police Bravery Awards 2014 – Winner (North West Region)

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Three officers from Cumbria Constabulary have won a prestigious police bravery award after they tackled and arrested an armed gang.

PC Glenn Myerscough, PC Kevin Latham and PC Andrew MacFarlane demonstrated immeasurable courage and resilience in dealing with the three men one of whom was armed with a loaded gun while another was carrying a large knife.

PC Andy Macfarlane PC Kevin Latham PC Glenn Myerscough

The three officers have now won the northwest region Police Bravery Award at a ceremony in central London attended by the Home Secretary, police minister Mike Penning and Met Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, among other dignitaries. He was presented with the award by Irene Curtis, president, Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales.

The three offenders had been reported to police for being drunk and aggressive in a local shop. The officers sent to the scene were also told two were wearing camouflage jackets...

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Police: Officer holds his nerve to makes house fire rescue – Police Bravery Awards – Merseyside Nominee

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

PC Griffiths was on mobile patrol when he saw the front door of a house was on fire. It was the early hours of the morning. He immediately grabbed the extinguisher from his patrol car to put out the flames that were spreading rapidly. He could hear screaming from inside and concerned, he forced the door open.

With a total disregard for his own safety, not knowing if there was fire coming from elsewhere and struggling to breathe, he followed the screaming up the stairs. The thick black smoke made it almost impossible to see.

He went into a bedroom where he found a frightened and distressed woman. He reassured her and led her downstairs and out of the house to safety.

He could hear other people screaming and returned to the hallway where he found another woman trying to find her way out. He also led her to safety. Another occupant of the house managed to jump out of a first floor window to safety.

If it wasn’t for PC Griffiths patrolling the area, his decisive actions and holding his nerve in terrifying circumstances, the occupants may not have escaped with their lives.

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