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Police: Early Learning

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I urge everyone to read every post on this site.

Also I nicked this from TedW on IG

Police: Police Crime Commissioners

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If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ll know what side of the fence I fall on this one. I’ve done my research and I had a little difficulty actually finding who is standing, but I stumbled across this little gem:!/ceetownsend/pcc-candidates

If you scroll through the list, most are politicians-y’know, those people at the table next to you, too loud, over opinionated and ill informed, drunk on something, usually themselves and their views boarder on the insane.

To provide stronger and more transparent accountability of the police, PCCs will be elected by the public to hold chief constables and the force to account; effectively making the police answerable to the communities they serve.

First beef here, it doesn’t actually say how the elected Commissioner will do that so will this mean they can barge into our briefing rooms and start breaking china? Or will it mean, as I suspect, a return to the target culture...

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Police: Well, we all have to make a living…. sadly Mr Palmer’s is journalism

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Is it possible to reform the police? It is certainly necessary. Every politician says that there are lots of brave, decent, hard-working officers prepared to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty – and so there are. But there are also quite a lot of cowardly, lazy and incompetent ones.

So you’re going to punish the majority of officers because you believe a number of them are ‘cowardly, lazy and incompetent’? Rather than specifically target the worst preforming officers, you’d bludgeon the majority with Winsor? Mr Palmer actually fails to mention any statistics here, he just stereotypes officers because he probably has received a speeding ticket or has been burgled and there was not an officer on his street corner whistling.

As Tom Winsor’s review of police pay and conditions found, many police...

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Police: How to be a Police Officer

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I sat there, in the pink room, waiting for the tests to start. I couldn’t help but notice two females sat either side of me who were rather attractive. Both blonde and slim, both nervous and here for the same reason I was.

Exactly twenty four hours before, KT and I sit beside the body of a man who had died during the night. We were called round because it was a sudden and unexpected death. As the paramedics left, I recognised one of the trainees with them as someone I used to go to cadets with. It feels like a life time ago but last week feels like a life time ago too. I helped heave the corpse up onto a stretcher and move him out of the house. We give our condolences to the widow and go round to her daughter’s house round the corner.
I don my custodian, straighten my tie and slowly walk up the garden path. There’s a low glow in the sky, the sun has yet to rise and the birds are silent. There is enough light for me to make out the solemn look on KT’s face. We knock on the door quietly at first then...

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Police: Hello There

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Hello Private viewers! For a couple of months the blog shall be private and only viewable by a select few, after the that it shall be open to all again. Untill then I will continue to write! Enjoy!

Police: Gman

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“HBI, no officer is to go into the water, repeat, do not go into the water” And we all groan on that news-it isn’t said for our benefit….

Transmissions break in my ear, updates and call signs merged into one. Bobbo could hear screaming. Because it was so loud and so close, we could hear it through his radio. Sophie and I raced down the road towards the river. A line of pandas blocked the way so we got out and ran across the foot bridge. The noise from the weir was deafening, I could barely make out what was being said and it was so dark that night. Without any moon light I couldn’t tell where the river ended and the bank started.

“626 urgent, misper located, I can see her hangin-“ the transmission breaks and the fear sets in. As I run my hands shake, I nearly fell over when I vaulted a fence to get to the water. I felt angry at being too late, we must have driven past this part of the world four times tonight looking for the girl and we never saw signs of her passing.

I shine my torch across the surface of the...

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Police: Happy Days Aye?

Written by RSS Poster A Copper's Special Blog

I’ll tell you what’s really broken in this country-what needs urgent fixing and what isn’t helping improve the process. Mental health assessment for those who really need it is a total shambles and an embarrassment to the NHS. This particular part of the service has suffered under ever changing contract managers, come and go social workers, funding cuts and care free secretaries. There seems to be a distinct lack of any qualified mental health professionals but a lot of managers ‘managing’.

David Smith was about to make his getaway in his girlfriend’s old Rover. It pulled up the hill and into the train station where he waited patiently with a kebab. As he got in the passenger side I sprung out of my vehicle and surprised him. In my middle class accent that seems to annoy I shouted “Mr Smith! David!” and I ran the short distance to the car. I held the door open and he looked up, his face full of disappointment at being caught.

“David, I really need to get you back to hospital mate, your...

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Police: Nirpal Dhaliwal

Written by RSS Poster A Copper's Special Blog

‘This week’s report into last summer’s riots found that the shooting of Mark Duggan was apparently the last straw for a black community under siege from the Met and its stop-and-search tactics. But this week has also seen the conviction of three young black men for shooting a five-year-old girl, Thusha Kamaleswaran, through the spine in an attempted gangland hit.

The killing of a known criminal and gang member in Tottenham triggered an orgy of looting; many community leaders leapt to Duggan’s defence. Yet the paralysing of an innocent child hasn’t elicited a peep of condolence from such leaders, let alone outrage at those responsible. And not one pair of Nikes has been stolen in protest.

The two cases highlight the hypocrisy that frames our discussion of race and crime. About a thousand people attended Duggan’s funeral, as though his death were akin to the assassination of Martin Luther King. How many of them will contribute to Thusha’s appeal fund as she contemplates life in a wheelchair?

While there...

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Police: An Expensive Mistake

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Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate for London mayor, said the dog bite raid appeared to be “an expensive mistake”.

She said: “Calling in CO19 just seems such an expensive way to deal with a mad dog. Could they not have used a Taser?

“Police should have done their homework before carrying out that operation.

They should have realised the potential for a dangerous dog at the premises.””

Well fuck me sideways. I mean, why did the officer not see that coming? Did they leave their crystal balls at home? And to murder an innocent dog-we need a protest to stop police killing your dog, even when it is sinking its dirty teeth into a copper’s arm.

I would smash my head against my desk were it not made of glass. Jenny Jones is a fucking moron.

Police: *No title*

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