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Police: Ten Tips for a good time when visiting Newquay

Written by RSS Poster Regie
Here are a few tips to ensure you have a great time when visiting Newquay, you don’t get hurt, You don’t get arrested and you go home with only good memories;

1/ Look after each other! If you are with friends or a group try & stick together, make sure you all have each other’s mobile numbers!
It maybe best to keep a written note of a couple of the numbers in your pocket too!

2/ Make a note of where you are staying! 
You would not believe the amount of people who ask us where their hotel is at 4am, they have no idea of the name or where it is! Do you know how many hotels Newquay has?!!

3/ Drink sensibly.
Yes I know that being young and foolish you want to go & get drunk BUT you are increasing the risk of being a victim of crime or an accident. Think of your families and the people who have to deal with you!

4/ Keep an eye on your drinks, do not leave them unattended.
Drinks 'spiking' is rare but does happen every now and again, protect yourself from the risk of it.

5/ Look after your personal property
Do you really need to take out the...

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